J1 vs Jubilo Iwata: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“It was the last game at the Kincho Stadium before the closure for next 2 years, and also was the 1st game to be concentrated on the league matches after the defeat for the cup, and players faced well with possessing high concentration. They showed very positive play for both offence and defence throughout the 1st and 2nd half. Then although they could reach to in front of the goal, they couldn’t finish with a goal. However, even after loss of the opponent’s opening goal, they never gave up and tried to catch up, and almost turned it round. It seemed all the players’ consciousness for defence was very high, and also they attacked well too. Probably, it is the decisiveness that we should improve. At every single matches, we have so many supporters come along for us, and I would like thank them again, it’s so grateful. And I am sorry we didn’t win today, despite the support we had. We still have 8 more league matches, so we’ll never stop, keeping our head up, and try our best.”