Levain Cup vs Shonan Bellmare (1st Leg): Players’ Comments

Yasuki Kimoto

“When we were behind at 0-1, the manager suggested that we should press, but Shonan was lurking. My sprint was slower than Umeaski, who scored the second goal. I think that the cause for the loss is all about our running speed, not playing.”

Q: All in all, was your movement slower?
“ When the opponents were pressing, our passes were not brilliant, which we need to improve upon. Not having played against a team likely to press, our passes were too naïve to keep our pace. We need to change our tactics not only for defense but also for attack, such as how to pass a ball and how to support each other. Otherwise, we will suffer from a similar counter attack again. Our poor interception was also the cause of conceding a goal, which we have to tackle.”

Q: Was it first time to play forward during your professional career? You played in the front line in the second half.
“ It was the first time, but I knew that what I had to do then. I wish I could have scored a goal. I am disappointed by not being able to live up to expectations.”

Q: You will have the second game at home, won’t you?
“ We have a tricky goal difference, but our supporters did not boo us after the game, instead, they cheered us as you have seen. So, we have to work hard for them. The chance for a win could be slim, but as long as there is a chance, we will believe the possibility and do our best.”

Eiichi Katayama

Q: Shonan exploited the flank many times. Did you feel that they played better than Cerezo in the first half?
“ Their press was good. That is why we conceded an opening goal, which we should not have. Also, in terms of positioning, we should have communicated more. We need to learn the lesson from this game, and for the next game, we need to switch feelings, looking back to the time we were sailing through.”