J1 vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima: Players’ Comments

Hiroshi Kiyotake

“ As the game was at Hiroshima’s pace, I was thinking about how to change the flow. But, we had some chance despite having Patric’s counter attack, which Kim Jin-hyeon, Hotaru Yamaguchi and Kimoto blocked. It was a shame that we did not make the most of the chance. In the first half, Toshiyuki Takagi, Kenyu Sugimoto and I were not close enough, which made us feel uncomfortable. In the second half, Toshiyuki and I were closer to Sugimoto, which resulted in better attacks, but it ended up with no goal.”

Kim Jin Hyeon

Q: In the second half, you cleared their dangerous shots many times.
“ After conceding a goal, we should not allow them the second goal, which is crucial for us. When conceding 2 goals, it will be tough for us. That is what I think at every game. Today I managed to save the second goal, but it is not always successful. The recent games show that we were likely to concede a goal after the opponents lurked at the far post, which we need to tackle.

Q: When Patric was one on one with you, you managed to save his shot. Did you make a feint?
“ Not only Patric’s shot, but also other players passes came behind our defenders, and I had to move forward to clear their shots. As it has occurred many times, we need to consider our tactics. Every player needs to help each other because I cannot always mange to save it. Otherwise, opponents will exploit it and I will face the same situation at every game.”

Q: How did you find Hiroshima’s strength? You fought against a top ranking team, didn't you?
“ Hiroshima made a better preparation. They put our ball holder under pressure, and when we tried to attack the side, they pressed quickly, which interrupted our attack.”