J1 vs Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo: Player’s Comments

Matej Jonjic

Q: Please look back at your scoring moment?
“It was a great cross, so all I had to do was entering into the space that was timely available in front of me. I haven’t watched the goal scene myself yet, would like to watch it (laughter).”

Q: Scoring from set-piece taken by you was one of the strongest points for the team in the last season too. Would you like to continue to score by this way?
“Yes. Though we had some chances in this season too but narrowly missed by hitting crossbar or cleared on the line. But I can sense that we can finish lately, so would like to use it as our weapon.”

Q: It must be the match you wanted to win, especially because you had the opening goal at early hours?
“We lost a goal within a minute after our goal… If we could manage to keep longer time without giving any chances to the opponent, we would be able to control the game better.”

Q: How do you think about 3 backs formation that you used from right beginning of the game today?
“We’ve been playing with 4 backs all the time until today, and it was the first time we did 3 backs and 5 backs, I thought it wasn’t bad. Especially Osmar and Yasuki Kimoto, who were next to me, they were linking ball well with the guys at front, it worked well like that. I am not sure if it set off for future games but we needed some changes, and I feel by practicing this new system it will lead us to good result.”