J1 vs Kashima Antlers: Players’ Comments

Hotaru Yamaguchi

“Despite many changes in our line-ups, I think we tolerated well until we lost a goal, and also created some chances too.
It was shame we lost the goal, because we were tolerating well up to that point.
But that changed the flow.
When you fall behind to catch up, it makes us in difficult position, so we must work hard not to lose any goals. We lost some goals under such situation, so we must correct ourselves.”

Q: Do you find it difficult about turnover system?
“It’s all the same for other teams too… I think we can play continuously, but it’s the manager’s decision, we can play tough.”

Q: Do you rather play with fixed members?
“It’s only 2 series so far, although members who play for the Emperor’s Cup play more, but no one shows weariness yet.
There are some good things by changing members, but it’s could be very hard when lose a goal, so we had plan to have zero goal loss today and worked hard in the 1st half. We had some errors before and after losing the goal, and allowed the opponent to take the ball into the penalty area, so we must be careful and don’t let that happens.”

Q: Now after the 1st half of the season’s over, it’s 14 points behind to Hiroshima?
“Realistically it can be very tough, but for getting into the position in ACL too, we must win the games, and I hope we will.”

Kenyu Sugimoto

“The fronts failed to score, so it’s not only the back’s fault. But we must bear… Though we bore in the 1st half but lost in the 2nd half, we often lose goal in 2nd half of match, so we must bear and work hard. We did it in the last season and won matches, so it’s very disappointing when we lose a goal later in the match. I don’t blame any individual though.”

Atomu Tanaka

“I thought we should of set up a starting point, and developed from there.
We had one chance in the 1st half, broke through into behind and made a cross, but that was only chance we had and no more, so we should make a starting point and make a last pass, or I should have tried some tricks and create chances to cross and shoot. We should practice harder on it, and hope to do it in matches.”