J1 vs V-Varen Nagasaki: Manager’s Comments

We played the game in front of lots of children because today is Children’s’ day. It was the last game after the continuous matches. I think that we have just got through the difficult time with the completion of the hard schedule. Many fans that came here created a nice atmosphere, which helped us to have a good result. As we found an opening goal at the beginning of the game, we played comfortably. Nagasaki is a team that moves a lot. Against such a team, we kept our pace and scored goals. In the second half, 2-0 did not assure us enough. After Nagasaki scored a goal, they gained momentum, which put us under pressure and it was tough physically. Therefore, I decided to change the formation to strengthen our defense. Afterwards, despite the defensive formation, we managed to score a winning goal from a counter attack. I would like to pay credit to my players who overcame the hard schedule. We will have an interval of several days until the next game. I want them to have a good rest and preparation during this period.