ACL vs Jeju United: Players’ Comments

Eiichi Katayama

“ I am very happy with today’s result because it was the one we really had to win. That said, we eventually conceded a goal in the last part of the game. So, I would like to work hard for the next game.”

Q: Tell me your feeling when you were called for as a starting member, and when you scored a goal.
“ When I get a chance, I always want to play at my very best. I work hard to be able to display my best performance when the time comes. That is why without any worry, I could kick off the game. In terms of the goal, my passion, rather than skill, drove me to score a goal.

Q: You played at Fagiano Okayama and Waseda University as a forward. Did you make the most of your experiences during the game?
“ A set piece was a chance. We, irregular members, might have confused them, as their scouting was done before the game. We did not miss the chance to catch them unguarded and succeeded in scoring a goal. While moving around, I was unmarked at some point. Then, what I had to do is to hit the target. The rest is history.

Yoichiro Kakitani

Q: You had a 2 days interval after the last league game. Did you feel any difficulty of playing today’s match?
“ Not at all. We have not had many games so far. Continuous games would make us better. What was the best for me was that all players had solid mentalities to achieve our shared goal, while some players were new and played for the first time. Many injuries did not affect our performance. Our unwavering mentality helped keep us playing a quality game. Potentially, we could improve a bit more.

Q: What made you play so passionately, while the team had some new players?
“ I think that everybody made the most of chance. However, we struggled to beat JeJu United. It indicated that the forthcoming game would not be easy. We confidently play, but need to know the fact that we are not strong yet. Whatever the result is, as long as we play the game with confidence, we will get something out of it.

Q: Looking back your goal scene, what do you make of it?
“ Midfielders, Takaki and Atomu, received balls many times and created goal chances. Thanks to that, the forwards were able to play comfortably. Kazuya jumped in the space and set up a goal as expected. We should create that kind of performance more in order to widen a goal difference and build up a better internal relationship.