J1 vs Kashiwa Reysol: Players’ Comments


Q: What do you make of your shot which led Cerezo to level?
In the moment I tried to shoot, I found space. So I decided to fire it in. Fortunately, I hit the target. Perhaps, the curving ball was hard to save for the goalkeeper.

Q: Your strike was fantastic. Also, your decision for shooting was great.
From the first half, I persistently attempted to hit the net, but the first attempt was blocked. The second one was not good enough because I scuffed my shot. In terms of my goal, after I cut a ball, I found some space. I dashed close the range to hit the net. When I struck the ball, I had no idea what was happening.

Kenyu Sugimoto

I cannot help do anything for the opponents’ opening goal. It sometimes happens. When seeing the play that caused the goal, it looks like Jonjic’s mistake. However, we have to admit his commitment and support him. Although our mood turned to the worse in the first half, we bounced back after the break. We should have retrieved the game much earlier. They were very offensive with the counter attack after intercepting a ball. We need to improve that point this season. Regarding the goal, chances were plenty throughout the game. I regret not making the most of them.

Q: Was it a meaningful draw? You started with a mistake and got better as the game went on. I think that your fighting spirit was fully conveyed to the fans.
We have to play in the way we did today. If we can do so at every game, we will not be defeated. One win will build our confidence, which will lead us to get better. That is my team’s character. This is why I am desperate to win as soon as possible. You can see we have been not beaten yet, but for us, a draw is not good. Today, we have done well, but could not win. I really want to win the next game.