ACL vs Guangzhou Evergrande: Players’ Comments

Hotaru Yamaguchi

The best for us was to win three points, but at least, it is good that we were not defeated.

Q: Was it planned that you were going to start with a defensive play?
Before the game, we talked in the team that we should not to allow the opponents to use their arsenal, rather than starting with a defensive play. Despite of that, in the first half, our teamwork was chaotic, but fortunately they did not exploit us. In the second half, the game went on at our pace. We had many chances for goals. If we could have turned them into scores, we might have won.

Q: At the game against Guangzhon Evergrande, 4 years ago, you conceded some goals in the first half as Guangzhon Evergrande dominated possession. Today, you finished the game with a clean sheet,. Do you think the game will build your confidence?
Well, as for patience, we were very close to the limits. Our resilience and persistence have stayed in us since last year, which brought us today's result. Having a clean sheet will definitely boost the defenders' confidence.

Q: In the second half, did Cerezo increase attacking?
In the first half, the opponents were very offensive but in the second half, we found some space to attack them, though we were not good. We lacked decisiveness.

Q: What do you make of today's game? Have You got 1 point or have you lost 2 points?
I wanted to get 3 points. I am disappointed because we had chances.

Toshiyuki Takagi

Q: In the first half, the opponents pressed hard, didn't they?
In the first half, we were a bit chaotic, and hard-pressed because of our errors. In hindsight, we could have won. As it was a home game, I regret draw.

Q: In this sense, did you want to get three points?
If we could have got three, our pressure would have been lighter, given the next game. The opponents were a well-known team with excellent results in China. In this respect, we were put under pressure. During the game, I felt that we could do it. We could have got more scores. I was desperate to get a good result as I made a debut as a starting member today. I played calmly but not being able to change the game.