(ALC Jeju United game on 14th Feb) Press Conference

Press conference for Jeju United vs. Cerezo Osaka, the Group Stage (MD-1) of AFC Champions League, was held at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on 14th February.

Manager Yoon Jong-Hwan

Q: What do you feel about playing in the ACL?
A: The ACL is a new battlefield for me. Of course, I am anticipating the game. As Jeju United is my old club, I must win. Hopefully, we will get a good result.

Q: Tell me your impression about Jeju Untied. What would be the key to win for tomorrow's game?
A: Jeju United has more prominent character than others of the K league. You will see their solidarity. Last year, I came here to watch a game. The team has no lack of good players. I look forward to tomorrow's game. Probably, you can see both teams' strength and weakness.

Q: You had just three days after the FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP. How would you fight against Jeju United? Who would be your pick for the game?
A: Why we came here earlier is to get used to this cold weather as quick as possible. Our win in the FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP created a good mood in the entire team, so I would like to keep this mood. My concern is the weather, but my players are getting used to this climate and have practiced hard. As for the team selection, I basically pick the players who have been in good form.

Player Kim JinHyeon

Q: What do you feel about the game in the ACL?
A: This is the third game for me, so I would like to perform better to have a good result, using what I have learnt from the last two games. I would like to win to have a good start.

Q: Tell me your impression about Jeju United?
A: I have never played with any K league club, but I know that Jeju United is always high ranking. It is a fantastic team that qualified for the ACL in two consecutive years. Jeju is a solid team, which is a full of talent to keep up good performances.