Levain Cup vs Kawasaki Frontale: Player’s Comments

Yoichiro Kakitani

Q: Please tell us your feeling of being the cup winner?
“I wanted to fight this game together with everyone until the end, so it was frustrated game for myself. However, I’m happy that we could have the result, especially under the spotlight we had being in.”

Q: How was the view from the podium?
“I felt very strange. I wondered, the feeling of guys of Kawasaki F (Frontale)…, they have been left over there (at runner-up’s stage) for many times…, but we were here (at the winner’s stage) even though we have not even been there (at runner-up’s stage) before. However, this is the game that has winner and loser, and the winner always celebrate. But I still don’t think we became the strongest team, so we must work hard to be able to continue to have the game like today. However I am so happy to be able to be in this team at this moment of having this title.”