J1 vs Omiya Ardija: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

We had a bad pitch caused by heavy rain, but the team displayed a fine performance with a decent judgment as to whether to make a long pass or a short pass.

In the first half, Omiya went down to ten men, which gave us an advantage for a goal. But, disappointingly, we could not turn any chances to a goal despite having many opportunities. On the top of that, conceding a goal would be frustrating. The cause would be a lack of players’ concentration. They had focused too much on attacking, which could lead to such a result.

Having said that, in terms of the result, I think our good mood continued. So, we will keep a good mood for the final game for the Levain Cup next week.
We’d like to work hard for one week to have a good game with lots of fans.