Emperor’s Cup vs Omiya Ardija: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

I am so grateful to have so many people who came along to the stadium today despite that it’s weekday. Those guys who played for the (J League YBC) Levain Cup the other day played today’s match again. As I say every time, it was another match they expressed their desire to be victorious. They showed their devotion and self-sacrifice for the team. We can continue our current great mood with the spirit like that. I can also see some players who are improving a lot during these many games they are playing, so it’ll probably give me headache to pick players soon. Today, our players gifted us a very happy time again. Within those coming games, we have the final of the Levain Cup, as well as the chance to join the top of the league table. We have also reached to semi-final of the Emperor’s Cup, and for not losing all that, I would like to work very hard to get everything we have been built up to now. Of course, we have only little time to rest, but they should be delighted to be in the position to play such many games at this stage. I would love to send my message of ‘Well done’ and ‘Great efforts’ to the players who played today, and also tell them to ‘work hard for a little longer’ and ‘let’s do the best we can do’.