J1 vs Ventforet Kofu: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“Despite such bad weather we had so many people came along to our stadium. And I am so happy to be able to reply back to them with the victory.
After ten and a few games (*after 16 games, since the match versus Albirex Niigata at 16th round) this is the first game we won with the clean sheet. All our players worked so hard with very high concentration under the horrible weather.
We scored the opening goal early time in the 1st half, and conducted the game dominantly. Though there were some periods we were under attack, our players endured well with good spirit, and that led to the result we had today. Then we managed to score again at good slot in the 2nd half. However we had more chances of course, and could be much better if we could execute those. It was shame we couldn’t do it, but we‘ve been playing good games for the last few matches. If we can keep this mood and good game play though out rest of the season, we would have great end of the season.”