J1 vs Ventforet Kofu: Players’ Comments

Kenyu Sugimoto

Q: As your comment prior to the match, you scored at the first chance you had, and made the match dominantly to Cerezo.
“I told you! Well, that was just a chance. It was raining so bad with horrible condition of the pitch (with some paddles) and couldn’t predict what was going to happen, so I was really aware of importance of the opening goal. I think I played well with good concentration.”

Q: Please explain scene of the score.
“I thought Yoichiro (Kakitani) would go for a shoot but he sent the pass, so I went for it.”

Q: At the 2nd goal, the penalty kick, did you demand to take the kick?
“I said ‘let me do!’. But Yoichiro also wanted, so we decided by Rock-paper-scissors.”

Q: What was your hand?
“Do you want to know that? Mine was paper (ha ha). Anyway, we don’t have a fixed kicker, so when I gain a penalty kick I take it by myself, and if Yoichiro does he takes the kick, it’s like that and never had a fixed parson decided in advance.”

Q: Don’t you give it to the player who is aiming to become the best scorer?
“As Yoichiro wants to have a kick and so I do, that is very normal what we feel. (At the penalty kick) the ground was very slippery because of the rain, and also the ball won’t fly high up, so I aimed to kick a ground ball. I didn’t kick to great course but the ball stayed low…”

Yoichiro Kakitani

“Since Kiyo (Hiroshi Kiyotake) has joined to the team our soccer has changed and it seems all of us are passing ball more now. I never thought just having Kiyo back would make such difference, and we could do much more by linking each other. We still have more games to play and I feel we’ll continue to play well.”

Q: How do you feel about your narrowly missed goal at 67th minute?
“I don’t remember. Kiyo just increases so many chances, and those great balls come out from him are increasing chances to score, and that makes me more challenging too.”

Q: How about the penalty kick?
“That was Rock-paper-scissors (ha ha).”

Hiroshi Kiyotake

“Because Kenyu (Sugimoto) scored at the early time of the match, we could play our game calmly. However we had some tough time in 1st half, so we must reflect on it, watch the video and make corrections.”

Q: Against (Ventforet) Kofu, careless ball-loss could cause threatening situation, but you didn’t have such scene today, did you?
“We had bad plays like that in our practice match the other day, so we were all cautious about it. Then we didn’t make any careless mistake today, and could play with what we wanted to do. I personally feel my condition is getting better in the last 2 matches and ready for the future games. We’ll have more game to come and also have to aware of the ACL Champions League table for the league matches, so I will work hard for aiming that. We’ll have a match for the Emperor’s Cup on Wednesday, so refresh our mind and will go for it.”

Q: How do you feel about your return back to the league matches?
“I wasn’t too conscious about it, but I’m very happy to be able to come back here again, and will work very hard for all those people who supported me.”