Levain Cup vs Gamba Osaka: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“I am very happy to be able to keep our promise to our supporters and fans with today’s victory. We were very determined to win today, and our lads faced to the fight with the willing spirit. I think we had good flow, did execute when the chance came, and that made us dominant. And I would like to just enjoy and celebrate today for advancing to the final. Our players made such a big effort today. And we are able to write a new page for our histories. We have a little time now for the final, and I would like to send a message “Thank you & well done” to the players for today’s game. And I hope to carry this mood onto the league matches too. Also, I hope those players who were injured recently will recover soon, and join the forthcoming games. We had many people came over to the stadium today again. Those supporters and fans gave us huge strength, and that made us to be able to run through the game. I am so chuffed and happy to be able to return our favour.