J1 vs Vegalta Sendai: Player’s Comments

Yoichiro Kakitani

It has ups and downs. Even if we didn't squander a chance, you never know what will happen. Having said that, we shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes and need to keep doing the good stuff. If we have to improve, we will do it in a week. We have to shrug off today’s defeat as we’re playing against the next opponent. As a club, including myself, goal setting is crucial. Even if the title is getting harder for us, without any victory, nothing can be achieved whatever our goal is, though the goal could be to get the title, to win each game, or to focus on ACL. Needless to say, Levain Cup and Emperor’s Cup could give us a chance, but we’ve never played for theses titles. Given our current situation, we now need to decide what will motivate us, and I have to lead the players to achieve the goal. In the first period, our efforts paid off, but currently, struggling. We were promoted to J1 last season after the play-off game, so we need to be humble.

Matej Jonjic

Cerezo created lots of chances but couldn’t turn them into goals, while Sendai made the most of their chances. After conceding a goal, Cerezo pushed forward to level with Sendai. Later on, Sendai extended their leads with the consecutive 3 goals, which led to such a frustrating result.

Tatsuya Yamashita

Q: What would be the cause for the most lost points this season?

I think we should not be pessimistic about that, because a counter attack and a set piece play happened against them. But today, to be honest, I was unusually desperate to score a goal with such a feeling, “ Please strike the net!” haha…

In the first half, we allowed them to score a goal, but during the break, we talked in the changing room that we will come back from behind because of our good record at this stadium.
Expectedly, we had many chances. So, it should not be so shameful. We just need to switch our minds and move on.

Q: Your goal conceding has been outstanding recently.

It ‘s sometimes preventable. Opponent get a chance for a counter attack during our square passing or when a poor decision is made, for example, an attack with dribbling without any pass. We need to bear it in mind and prepare well. Opponents will research us to find our weakness. We need to solve the issue urgently.

Kim Jinhyeon

That ‘s a disappointing result. As you can see, our performance was not so bad, but we just couldn't take any chances. Today, Sendai’s counter attack was outstanding, which we regretted. What we can do is to rest our minds. For the moment, I ‘d like to work hard to get us into the top3.