Levain Cup vs Urawa Reds: Player’s Comments

Kenta Tanno

Q: Surely you were busy in saving the ball. You saved many times. What do you think about the game?
It was fortunate that we scored 2 goals in the first half. After they scored, the game turned for the worse.

Q: After conceding the equalizer, what brought you to fight teeth and nail?
After conceding 2 goals, we put out a defensive side for quite a while, though we did have time to create a chance by passing the ball. Thanks to Yoichiro, the opponents couldn't be very direct. I couldn’t save the shots from a cross and from a set piece play. That is a problem. However, what is the most important today was qualifying for the quarter-final. I am glad that we have just achieved it.

Q: After a 2-2 draw, you saved Cerezo whenever the team was in crunch. Were you calm toward the end of the game?
I could not help but deal with the situation. Fortunately, their shots took the course that I predicted, so I was able to save many attacks.