J1 vs Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo: Players’ Comments

Kenyu Sugimoto

Before the game, the team and I had decided that when we get a chance, we will score a goal. Ricardo Santos was highly motivated today by being picked as a starting member as it has been a long wait for him. Before the game, he and I were speaking that we should press forward from the kick-off. However, I didn't expect to score a goal so quickly. Thanks to Santos’ long time in possession, I got a chance to pick it up for a shot. So, I think that the goal was created by the team effort, not only me.

Q: In terms of goal ranking, you are one of top scorers along with Shinzo Koroki in Urawa, aren’t you?
A: being able to see the ranking at numerous places, I can’t deny I am not aware of it. However, I believe that all goals were made by the team. So, I am really grateful for my teammates. We won the game, so I hope we are stepping forward, keeping good form. I would like to put the team first because winning is more important than how many goals I score. If Cerezo wins, my goals will increase.
I feel really good when my goal contributes to a victory.

Q2: How about header that brought the second goal?
A: Having missed a header against Gamba, I was desperate to hit the net today. As I expected, a cross would give me a chance for a goal, it was joyful when I made it.


Q: It was a nice goal, wasn’t it?
A: Thank you very much. I am very glad.

Q: Did the goal hit your target?
A: Yes, it did excellently. Good training paid off. I am happy that my goal brought a win for Cerezo.

Q: I think that Cerezo played offensively from the kick-off.
A: I expected that the game would be tough. Especially, I regretted the loss of the last game. That’s why I pressed forward. From the opening, Santos and especially Kenyu played well which led us to score a goal. Thereafter we were able to relax.

Q: Ricardo Santos set up the goal, didn’t he?
A: Santos has been in a good form this week. His free kick from Gamba’s foul play, gave me a chance to score a goal. I am so happy that my hard working paid off in this way. I am also glad that Santos’ extensive effort led to the win.

Q: You competed with Sugimoto. Did you want to score the second goal Sugimoto fired in?
A: He has been in brilliant form. His shot hit the back of the net, blasting off the centre-back. It was a fantastic goal. He should hit the net, not me, because he’s a forward. I was just there then. Anyway I am extremely happy.