【StubHub World Match 2017】Cerezo Osaka vs Sevilla FC, Report from Press conference

Here is a report from today’s press conference for ‘Cerezo Osaka vs Sevilla FC at StubHub World Match 2017

◆ Minoru Tamada, President
“Hello, everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to explain how this event could be materialized. As J-League’s format returned back to the 1 stage system, in summer, well, in mid-July precisely, we have a summer break, so we planned to invite a good team from abroad to have a match during this break as J League International League. And Kashima Antlers scheduled a match against Sevilla FC at Kashima Stadium on 22nd July. As this is in our mind, we were also wondering if we should have a training camp or having a match in this break. On 12th July Cerezo has the 3rd stage of game for the Emperor’s Cup, and usually there will be a few days break after that, but this year, because Urawa Reds’ enters to the Suruga Bank Cup in mid-August, we had to reschedule the game against Urawa to put forward on 22nd of July, and that made us we can have a match around 17th July. So we thought we also want to have a match with Sevilla, and asked the Spanish company StubHub who became a Cerezo’s Global Ticketing partner from this year for cooperation, then they agreed to support this event. Thank you very much. This is how the StubHub World Match 2017, Cerezo Osaka vs Sevilla FC on the public holiday 17th July at Yanmar Stadium Nagai, was materialized. That’s all from me.”

■ Yoichiro Kakitani
“Hello, everyone. Just be honest, I am so happy we will be able to play against Sevilla, the team like we usually watch on TV, and our whole team are looking forward to find out how much can we resist against them. We thank to the many parties who cooperate for this event, and as players we will do our best we can do for the full 90 minutes against the strong team, for many supporters who are coming to see the game.”

■ Hiroshi Kiyotake
“Hi everyone. I am just very happy about the match like this is happening, and this will be a fantastic opportunity for the (Cerezo Osaka’s) young players to watch and play the game to Sevilla, one of the strongest teams right now, so closely. Cerezo Osaka will do the best we can do to beat Sevilla FC.”

■Ramón Loarte Hernandez, Chief Marketing Officer at Sevilla FC
“Sorry, but unfortunately my Japanese is not so good, so please allow me to speak in English . OOKINI (‘Thank you’ in Osaka dialect)”
First of all, I would like to thank you to all the parties who are taking a part for this event. I also want to thank to J-League and people in media. We are so proud of having a game against Cerezo Osaka. We heard Cerezo is the strongest team in Japan, so really looking forward to the match. We’ll start our preseason from Japan towards the European Champions League qualifying, it’s great to have a game against a big club like Cerezo, and Kashima Antlers too, it’s very exciting. Thank you, OOKINI.”

■ Javier Corbacho, Regional Manager Asia-Pacific at StubHub
“First of all I would like to send my gratitude to Mr Tamada and everyone involving to the event. Congratulations to Cerezo Osaka for their promotion to J1 from last season. And I am so happy about the team is doing so well in this season so far. As we became partners from during the season, we are so proud of ourselves that we would be able to plan this event, and hope to make the fans happy too. I also would like to thank to Mr Ramon. Congratulations for the entry to the Champions League. Sevilla is the team who has a long history and got so many titles, many Japanese fans must be very excited too. Please allow me to introduce a little bit about StubHub. StudHub is serving the Ticket Platform services in 50 countries. Our strategy to start new business in new country is to become a partner to the top teams. That was why we tied-up with Cerezo Osaka, and decided to become a title sponsor as the 1st time in Japan. It is a real honor to be given an opportunity to promote Cerezo Osaka and Japanese soccer to the world. We also have partnership with 130 sports entertainment organisations. We are aiming to have innovation on ticket purchasing experience. This is not only for the business, but also for the sports fans all over the world. ARIGATOU.”
■ Q & A
- I have a question to Mr Javier Corbacho. You said StubHub tied-up partnership with Cerezo Osaka from this season, what about Cerezo Osaka attracted you? Also please tell us if you have any further new plans coming up with Cerezo Osaka.
“We have started working together with Cerezo Osaka since last year as a Global Ticketing Partner official resale platform. When Cerezo approached to us, their vision was matched to ours. Our vision is to create a world that fans can easily attend to events all over the world.”

- I would like to ask Hiroshi Kiyotake. How do you feel about the match against Sevilla where you played until last year.
“As I played for Sevilla, I felt they were a great soccer club, and they have many best international players and players who play for their country. In this season, under the manager Sampaoli’s conduct, they finished with good result, and they are a very strong team. So it is a real honor to have an opportunity to play against Sevilla, and as I said earlier it’ll be a great experience to learn and feel for our young players, so I hope they will see lots and feel the experience.”

- I would like to ask Yoichiro Kakitani. Please tell us your image of Sevilla FC and Spanish soccer.
“Kiyo (Hiroshi Kiyotake) must know better about them than me? Spanish soccer tend to be focused on Barcelona and Real Madrid but Sevilla FC is strong as those teams, and for us, Japanese and Asian players, we have an image of ‘Sevilla’ as the team who leads Spanish soccer. So I wonder how much will we able to resist to the team like them? I don’t know how seriously Sevilla will take the game and play, but we will do our best we can do, and hope to make them to feel ‘we must be serious’.”

- I would like to ask Mr. Ramón Loarte Hernandez. Please tell us your thought of significance to start the preseason in Japan, and as Yoichiro Kakitani was also mentioning earlier, what is Sevilla’s plan for the team against Cerezo for strength level and choice of players?
“Sevilla ended this season at very good position in the league in last 12 years of our history. We also have been the winner of the European League for last 3 consecutive years. However we missed out a title this year. So I would like everyone to know how important the preparations in the preseason are. Without having good results from right beginning of the season, you won’t achieve to top 3 (in the league). To become the top 3 in next season, the preparations in preseason are very important. Therefore, we would like to face this match in very serious manners. The regular players are off now, but they are coming back from 3rd of July. So I am looking forward to show our team at such an opportunity. We are arriving at Japan on 13th July. It’ll be about 10 days after the start of the team to come to Japan, we hope we’ll prepare well and have a good start. Some new players who are expecting to play in the next season will probably join the squad too. Together with the new players influence, we will level up the team, and have a good preparation to La Liga and the Champions League. I heard Cerezo is 4th place now, that is fantastic. It’s a great success. Though it’s a friendly match, we’ll play seriously and hope to have a good competition.”