J1 vs Ventforet Kofu: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“Though I really wanted to return the favour so much today by earning 3 winning points to all our supporters who came along so far away for us, but we couldn’t do it with our regret. We created so many chances but couldn’t execute them, and that was one of the reasons for the draw.
We lost our lead so easily after our opening goal, and made ourselves difficult to conduct the game. The result became just a compromising one as we were at least not defeated. Of course I am not completely happy, however I thank the players who never gave up and kept running until the end, and respect the 1 winning point at the away game. In the next few weeks, we will face a series of games including Lavain Cup. We will be well prepared and do our best, without any injuries.”

Q: You made the substitution in the middle of the 2nd Half, to put Hiroshi Kiyotake at right side. Kiyotake has quite different character to Kunimitsu Sekiguchi, so what was your expectation?
“As you could see, Kiyotake is probably better rhythm maker of the game. However it doesn’t mean Sekiguchi is not a good player. These 2 players just have different characters. Sekiguchi works really hard for defence, and can create some good chances at offence. No matter who goes on the pitch, it always works positively for the team.”