J1 vs Ventforet Kofu: Player’s Comments

Kenyu Sugimoto

“It’s a real shame. We didn’t allow the opponents to do anything. I admit my positioning was not good when we lost the point by the opponent’s set-play, I must reflect on myself for it, but the most important thing is that if I executed the chances I had we could win. I could score 3 goals. Numbers of chances were increasing, ball was coming into in front of the goal, so it’s up to me how I could concentrate and execute them. I must rise up the level of my concentration. It was the same situation today as the last game, we could win if I executed the chances. I am so gutted because it’s happened again for 2 games running, so I will play to make the team win for the next match.”

Q: Please look back the scene of your goal?
“I saw the ball was dropped at good spot (at Yoichiro Kakitani), I believed he could make a cross by one touch, so I run, then the good pass came along. Then it was just me against the goalkeeper, so I scored the goal calmly. However, we didn’t win! Even after the opponent’s counter goal, we still had chances, and I wish we scored more. I am gutted but trying not to be negative, we’ll have the Lavain Cup game next, and then the league match against (my ex-team) Kawasaki Frontale, I just want to win.”