J1 vs Gamba Osaka: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“I’d like to express my gratitude to those many supporters came over to our ground so that we could play the game in the great atmosphere. Though the match ended as draw, I think it was a tug-of-war match for both. We lost the opening goal but managed to bounce back. So it was such a shame we allowed the opponent to score a goal at the really end and draw the game. However though we just came back over to J1 after a while, we could play good soccer with the decent result against very strong teams like Gamba Osaka, and that gave us big confidence.”

Q: Cerezo looked like they were playing superiorly all the time and had more chances too. And both the 2 goals you lost came out of opponent’s set-play. Was it just unlucky or were there any reason for it, what do you think?
“I told several times from the beginning but it is impossible to keep the concentration throughout the whole 90 minutes, so when our players lost their concentration they lost goals too, I think. As you know it’ll be very important if they can go through over it when they fall into such weak moments that you possibly lose a goal.”