J1 vs Kashima Antlers: Player’s Comments

Kazuya Yamamura

“(Q: Please retrace the moment of the goal)
We were talking ‘attack from near the goal’, so, then Kuni (Kunimitsu Sekiguchi) brought ball in and made a good toss, I’m so glad I executed well.

(Q: You managed to be free from Naomichi Ueda’s marking, were you aiming it as you knew him as a former team mate?)
It’s not because of Ueda, but I wanted to do something I used to get very annoyed when I was centre-back. So I’m happy I did it.

(Q: How do you feel about you played as an opponent player at Kashima Stadium, frankly?)
I mentioned this before the game too, but it was my aim to come back here to play, and I worked hard for it, so I am very glad to realize it, and also Cerezo made victorious.”