J1 vs Sagan Tosu: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“I am so glad to have the 1st J1 league victory. And I would like to thank the players who achieved it. Today, all the players faced the game with a strong will to win, they kept their concentration until right to the end, and even after the goal they kept their solid defence, I think it was because all of them kept their concentration and the desire until the end. Also, because we had so many supporters who were giving us the strongest power, the players could keep running until the end. I also would like thank to supporters of Sagun Tosu who came all the way to our stadium from far away. That brought me back my old memories and also gave me brand-new spirit. We managed to have the cup victory (J-League YBC Levain Cup) and the J1 league victory back to back just before the mid-break, so we can have a real good holiday.”