J1 vs Sagan Tosu: Player’s Comments

Kazuya Yamamura

“I am so glad to win today.”

Q: Please describe about your winning goal.
“Yasu (Yasuki Kimoto) was unmarked and made the return cross, so I was thinking ‘come here, come here’, then it came, so I’m so glad I could execute.”

Q: About the current system as you are in front line, do you think you could make the chance in the flow?
“I was very conscious about linking with a good distance between Hiroshi (Kiyotake), Kenyu (Sugimoto), and Yoichiro (Kakitani). And also, for defence, I tried to keep my eye on the player in front of the central mid-fielder.“

Q: Towards end of the game, you became one of the 3 back defenders, and working hard by going back and forward…?
“At the Levain Cup game, I was one of the 3 backs too. So I understood what Mr Yoon was aiming, and I think I did well.”

Q: Yoon Jung-Hwan put trust in you, and how do you feel about his instruction?
“It was a quite new experience for me, as I don’t often take the front line position. And when I was at the back, I thought about safety play as our work would be needed at last, and as that was what required I was playing safely when I was at back.