Levain Cup vs Yokohama F. Marinos: Manager’s Comments

Yoon Jonghwan

“Though it was a Cup tournament win, I want to say ‘Congratulations on your 1st victory of the season’ to my players. I put many of those players who haven’t played in recent games, but they were so enthusiastic and showed us a lot of potential in this one game. We didn’t have any wins until today, but today’s victory will lead us to next games with a positive mood. Also, it gave me an opportunity to identify many players’ abilities. I hope we will have more able-players who are good enough to play in top games. We will have the next game after 2 days off, so I want to start the preparation intensively from tomorrow. We still haven’t managed to have a win in the league, and I want to have the 3 winning points in the league. The next game is against Sagan Tosu* (*Yoon’s previous team), so my desire to win is even stronger.”

Q : You have started as a manager of Cerezo Osaka from this season, and without any wins after 3 games, it must be quite nerve-racking to have such a big member change in today’s game. Then how do you feel about the 1st victory?
“It isn’t true if I say I didn’t have any worries to make the changes, but I really believed in the players who played in this game, and I knew they would fight until the end. And as a result we obtained the valuable victory. In any sports, having a victory makes us so happy. We didn’t allow the opponent to do anything they wanted to do and we played so well, I just cannot hide my happiness. The players taught me again that we must attend the games with such a high spirit and keep growing, and by growing we can grab a victory.”