EC vs R.Velho Takamatsu: Manager’s Comments

Kiyoshi Okuma

I thought the opponent kept focused until we scored our first goal or two. We were able to apply good pressure on the flanks and could start attacks well from there, but there were still some moments when we were not effective enough, or when we gave away some opportunities in the second half. That is an issue we have to address.

The next round will be against Kyoto Sanga F.C. and of course we want to compete with our best effort. Today Fujimoto made his first start after a long time and it was a very significant game for him, for Cerezo, and also for the supporters. We had some concerns about a possible recurrence of his injury, but maybe he is now also in good shape mentally.

Last year we lost in the first round of this competition and disappointed our supporters. This tournament could eventually lead as to Asia (the AFC Champions League) and that is one of Cerezo's aims. With that in mind, we absolutely wanted to win the first match. The next game against Kyoto will be a difficult one, and while we want to win it there are also some other players who I want to give opportunities to play.