EC vs R.Velho Takamatsu: Player’s Comments

Kenyu Sugimoto

In the first half I hit the crossbar with one chance, and I feel that if I had scored that I might have been able to get 10 goals myself, so that was a regret.

Most of my goals were fairly easy, so I want to thank the other guys. We knew scoring the first goal would be very important and were able to do so without conceding a goal ourselves, which was good. But considering the way we played, I feel we should have done more.

Will this help us in the league too? Well, before that we have another cup game (in the second round) next week, and I have been saying that I want us to win this title. It's not about if this will be good for the league or not, we just want to win games and finish at the top of this tournament.

Yes, this can eventually lead us to Asia. We are aiming for a title and also that goal. Competing in Asia again is one of the goals set by the club. But we have only won the first game here and know that we have many tough matches to come.