J2 vs Kamatamare Sanuki: Player’s Comments

Mitsuru Maruoka

I feel I have to understand the game better and think about what kind of play I need to show to cause the opponents problems. I was replaced after the first half but I don't think there's any need to be disappointed. I want to keep working hard in training to convince the manager to use me again in future matches.

I was not involved in the team's play and I couldn't get on the ball as much as I wanted. Even when we had the ball, it felt like the opponents were letting us have it. In those situations I should be making more of a difference. My teammates also said things to me like, 'You should play in more of an aggressive way'. I have to ask for the ball more and shouldn't have any fear. In a way I have to be more egoistic. I want to improve the quality I have to lead the team with my play.