2015 Season Club Slogan

Cerezo Osaka decided on a "club slogan," the details of which follow.

[2015 Club slogan]

“For The Top of Dreams”
The previous season ended with loss and disappointment for Cerezo Osaka, as the club was unable to meet its larger goals. However, our will has not wavered, as we still aim to climb to the pinnacle of the J-league.
Our matches in the J2 league this year will not only focus on producing results, but will hopefully also allow us to prepare for the future whilst snatching victories from our opposing teams.
This season Cerezo has chosen to use “For The Top of Dreams” – denoting the club’s aspiration since the time of its foundation – for its slogan.
We will assign this slogan a place in our hearts, whilst we edge closer to our dreams with a clean slate, and progress with our eyes locked on the grandest of dreams and our gaze fixed on the future.