Press Conference Held for the New Uniform of the 2015 Season

On Saturday 20th December, the “Press Conference for the 2015 Season New Uniform” was conducted in a megastore. The details of the press conference are as follows.

We would like to begin by thanking Mizuno Corporation for their support.
The Mizuno Corporation have supplied Cerezo Osaka since the team’s founding, twenty years ago.
For that, we would like to pay everyone at Mizuno our deepest gratitude.

■ Kota Fujimoto’s comments
“The uniform is light, easy to move in, and looks terrific. I’m a big fan of the cherry blossom gradation.”

■ Yusuke Maruhashi’s comments
“It has an appealing Dortmund-esque look. What won me over was the brightness of the emblem. It seems to breathe well, which means that I will be able to focus on my game play, instead of having to worry about the getting sticky with sweat. ”

■ Meika Nishida’s comments
“The shirt’s cherry blossom design is a big thumbs up for me.”

After the press conference, a presentation session for the team’s fans was held. 

Besides the people who received specially reserved viewing seats through advance applications, a large number of fans turned up at the venue. (Five hundred in all!)
We would like to thank those fans for showing up under such dread conditions.

For details on pre-sales of the new uniform as well as concept merchandise, please visit the following website.

At the conference, Cerezo players got together to swear to “get back into the J1 league in a year’s time.”
Your vocal support is needed to encourage our team. We urge you to keep up your much-appreciated support this coming season!