Cacau press conference

Today we held a press conference to unveil our new signing Cacau.

[Cacau's greeting in Japanese]

Konnichiwa. I'm happy to join Cerezo Osaka. I want to share a lot of joy with everyone. Thank you.

[Question and Answer]

Q: You greeted us in Japanese; how much did you practice? Were you influenced by Diego Forlan's Japanese at his unveiling?

A: First I want to say that I'm incredibly glad to be here. In order to express my joy,  my desire to work hard, and my respect for Japan, I practiced my Japanese a lot in preparation for this press conference. Of course I saw Diego's press conference and he was able to speak Japanese incredibly well, so that also inspired me to practice for today.

Q: What was the biggest factor in your decision to join Cerezo Osaka?

A: I would say it was my interest in the club. I want to use my experiences and support the team not only as a player, but as a person. I'm well aware that the J-League is a very high-quality league. My friend [former Kashima Antlers defender] Jorginho played in Japan for four years and later returned as a manager. I listened to his advice and have been very interested in Japan, so I was happy to receive this offer. To start with I want to contribute my talent and help the team escape from the difficult situation that we're currently in.

Q: How is your current physical condition?

A: After the Bundesliga season ended I kept up a running program, and following the conclusion of the World Cup I worked with a physical coach to improve my form. I was also able to join Stuttgart B's training so that I wouldn't lose that sense of playing with the ball. However, it's still been a while since I've practiced at the top team level. But I've managed to come this far through my own devices,so I think even with a small amount of time I'll be able to get back to 100% of my strength.

Q: Your image is that of an all-purpose player, but what would you consider your strong points to be?


A: One of the reasons I've come to Cerezo is that [manager Marco Pezzaiuoli] told me that I would be used as a second striker. I think that position is my strongest; I'm confident in both my ability to cut in and take the shot and being able to control the ball and distribute it to my teammates. I not only want to score, but also to assist and set up passes that help build our game. I want to connect our midfield and our front line in order to create a successful attack.

Q: Cerezo are in 15th place right now; what "X factor" do you think the team needs?

A: I've experienced a similar situation at Stuttgart, and that may be why Cerezo were interested in signing me. Stuttgart has experienced the relegation battle many times, but I've had a lot of experience in surviving it. What I've realized is that the most important thing in those times is team unity. We need to have one objective, and everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to solving the team's problems. We have to focus on becoming a team and achieving one goal, not on what each individual player does.

Q: What's your impression of Diego Forlan, and how do you envision teaming up with him on the pitch?

A: In training I have to get to know him better as a player, and understand his traits. Once I do that I'll be able to see what my positioning should be relative to his. Diego can speak Portuguese and we'll be able to easily communicate, so I think we'll be able to change positions frequently and confuse our opponents. It's an honor to play with an international player as talented as he is.

Q: What should your teammates and supporters call you?

A: I think 'Cacau' would be best. When I was in Germany I got the nickname 'Helmut', but 'Cacau' would be easier.

Q: Do you have a message for Cerezo supporters?

A: I sincerely hope for a chance to play for and contribute to this team. I'm really happy to be in Osaka. I want to show all of my strength in order to help Cerezo escape from the tough situation we're in. I'm well aware of Cerezo's slogan and the goals that were initially set by the club. But before we can look at achieving those goals, we have to improve our current form. I gave my all to Stuttgart for 11 years, and just like at that club I want to win the trust of those around me and improve our situation. Thank you for your support.

Q: You played for many years in the Bundesliga and for Germany's national team; what from that experience can you apply to Cerezo, and what are the strengths of their World Cup-winning side?

A: I grew up in Brazil until I was 18, and after growing up with Brazilian football I moved to Germany and learned to play as part of a disciplined team. In Germany I added that discipline and teamwork to the skills I acquired in Brazil, and that's how I was able to become a more complete player. That's the experience I think I can bring to Cerezo. I've watched many of the team's games, but my impression was that they're a technically gifted side. I think my role is to bring the emotional factor - discipline, teamwork, attitude, and a will to win - to the team.