J1 Section 28

2022.9.2 (Fri) 19:30

Sapporo Dome


Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo
  • Kim (86'), Aoki (90+4')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Nakahara (78')
0-0 2-1

Players comment

  • Despite proceeding the game as planned and scoring the opener with Hikaru Nakahara’s J1 first goal, the game changes for the worse in the last minutes. First consecutive defeat of the season with a regrettable reversal loss.


    After a five days interval from the previous match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Cerezo Osaka challenged the game against Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo at away stadium to try to restart from the defeat they had suffered for the first time in 12 official matches. Three starting lineups were changed from the Hiroshima match. Adam Taggart, Jean Patric and Koji Toriumi were in, and Seiya Maikuma entered the right side back on behalf of Riku Matsuda who was in suspension.

    It was Cerezo that dominated the first half. In the 6th minute, Satoki Uejo stole the ball from a high position and quickly sent it to the front line, and Adam Taggart came out for it and directly shot. It hit the crossbar and he missed the chance to score the opener, but after that, they created more chances. In the 13th minute, this time Ryosuke Yamanaka took a ball at a high position and broke through the side with Uejo. Jean Patric jumped into the cross, but it just did not fit.

    In the 25th minute, from Tokuma Suzuki's CK, Matej Jonic headed it to the center at the far side, and finally Tameda shot in front of the goal but it did not meet. In the 35th minute as well, they had another scoring chance from a CK. This time Maikuma made a return to Yamanaka’s kick at the far side, and Matej Jonic approached it in the center but overlapped with Adam Taggart and failed to shoot. In the 41st minute, they connected passes from Yamanaka and broke the left side, and Tameda came out and had a big chance, but this either did not reach the shot. Without allowing Sapporo to build up, simply attacking the back of the opponents from the good defense of the two FWs, and attacking at once from GK Kim Jin Hyeon’s high-accurate pass. Just as they intended before the game, Cerezo used space effectively to create chances but they were missing only goals.

    In the first half, all of the shots allowed to Sapporo were long-distance mid-range shots. However, in the second half, there were scenes where Sapporo entered high positions and carried the ball to the shot. Even so, the development itself was the same as the first half, and Cerezo continued to approach the goal. In the 50th and 52nd minute, they did counterattacks in quick succession and almost broke the opponent’s defence, but misaligned the judgement of the last pass and were unable to bring it to shots. In the 58th minute, Manager Akio Kogiku sent Hiroto Yamada and Hikaru Nakahara to the pitch as the first substitutions.

    Then, in the 67th minute, they got a scoring chance involving these substituted two players. Yamanaka, who took the back of the opponents from Yamada’s through pass, fed a cross. Nakahara, who ran to the near side, attracted the opponents, and Uejo ran into the empty far field and peeled off the mark, but was not able to catch the bounce and his shot went over the crossbar. Hiroshi Kiyotake in the 68th minute, and Bruno Mendes in the 76th minute were substituted in order to score a goal. And then finally this aim came to the real in the 78th minute. Hiroaki Okuno intercepted the opponent's vertical pass and quickly sent a vertical pass to Kiyotake on the front line. The dribble of Kiyotake who turned to forward was stopped by the opponent, but Nakahara reacted to the loose ball and hit a beautiful shot from 45 degrees to the right, and Cerezo finally shook the net.

    Cerezo scored the long-awaited opener, but with 15 minutes remaining, they were unable to close the game without conceding. In the 85th minute, they missed a chance to score their second goal, and in the 86th minute, they lost the ball in the front line, received a counterattack, and conceded a goal from a cross. From here, both teams began to attack hard each other, and in the 90th+3rd minute, Yamanaka came out to Kiyotake's through pass and was about to face a one-on-one with the GK, but his shot was blocked by the GK as the opponent's DF approached. They tried to score the second goal from the CK obtained here, but the second attack was bounced back and received a counterattack, resulting in conceding a come-from-behind goal.

    Following the previous section, right after they conceded a goal in the last play, the match ended. They suffered a reversal defeat with a dramatic last play. The attacking team who was unable to take the chance, and the game control in the last minutes with bad ways of losing balls and the loose defensive positioning when they received the counterattack. The poor endgame was exposed in offense and defense, and they missed the three winning points. “They carried out (the game plan)”, but “the problems like the lack of finishing with score, the balance, and the risk control were revealed” said Manager Kogiku. It was the first consecutive loss of the season that was too painful to aim for a higher rank, but there is no time to look down. They take their issues seriously, and they definitely want to win the Emperor's Cup quarter-final match against Hiroshima, which will be held in five days.