Emperor's Cup Round of 16

2022.7.13 (Wed) 18:30

Yodoko Sakura Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Own Goal (7'), Tameda (88')
Nagoya Grampus
  • Mateus Castro (69')
1-0 1-1

Match review

  • The volley shot of Hirotaka Tameda, who reacted to the cross of Ryosuke Shindo, become the final point. With all team’s force, achieve to advance to the quarter finals of the Emperor's Cup.


    After a two days interval from Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 21 against Yokohama F. Marinos. Cerezo Osaka challenged the Emperor's Cup Round 16 with Nagoya Grampus. Since it was the 4th of the 5th consecutive official game, and also the next league game was coming up in three days from this game, the starting lineup was changed from the previous Yokohama FM match for 8 players. They started the game with fresh players who were hungry for participation opportunities.

    Cerezo went on the offensive from the beginning. In the 2nd minute, Ryuya Nishio made a header of a high hitting point from the CK, and in the 4th minute Jean Patric broke through the left side and had a chance. Then, in the 7th minute, Cerezo succeeded in scoring the opener. Jean Patric broke through the left side with a high-speed dribble again, and the cross raised from there led to the own goal of Nagoya's DF. In this scene, since Adam Taggart also reacted to the cross, it was also the goal led by uniform number 9. In the 15th minute, there was almost another own goal from Hikaru Nakahara's cross again, and then in the 21st minute Cerezo had a scoring chance again. Starting from Hiroto Yamada, Jean Patric and Ryosuke Yamanaka connected the pass, and Yamada jumped into the cross from Yamanaka, but his header was slightly out of the frame.

    And in the defensive, Cerezo responded by keeping the compact formation of [4-4-2], and did not give Nagoya any chance to attack into the deep. Only in the 31st minute of the first half, Nagoya made a chance to take advantage of Cerezo's build-up mistake, but here the shot flew over the crossbar and there was nothing to happen. Cerezo finished the first half with the advantage, such as getting opportunities for set pieces in quick succession just before the end.

    In the second half, Adam Taggart was replaced with Satoki Uejo and Riki Harakawa with Kosei Okazawa on the pitch. Also on Nagoya’s side, the leading players who had been waiting on the bench were substituted one after another. Then in the 50th minute, Leo Silva shot from picking up the loose ball from the FK, but this was offside and no goal. Once Cerezo got relieved, they made chances in quick succession. In the 55th minute, Jean Patric made a scoring chance from Uejo’s cross, and also in the 57th minute Uejo did from Yamada’s dribbling breakthrough, but both did not reach the scoring. Then, in the 69th minute, Mateus Castro, who was substituted in the middle, scored directly from a strong FK, and Cerezo was caught up to the tie. Since the last two league games ended in a draw from the development with a lead, the unpeaceful atmosphere spread in the stadium, but it was Hirotaka Tameda who wiped out such a mood. In the 88th minute, he jumped into Ryosuke Shindo's cross from the other side, hit a volley shot, and shook the goal net brilliantly. In “the form as we trained” (Tameda), which I ran into the vacant space, while Mutsuki Kato ran into the near side attracting the opponent's DF, Cerezo succeeded in winning”.

    The day before the match, Manager Akio Kogiku said, "With more and more different players appearing in a daily base, I think that tomorrow will be a game with new heroes and new discoveries, so I'm excited and looking forward to it myself." As his comments, Tameda and Shindo, two heroes, led the team to the top eight of the Emperor's Cup. In addition, Jean Patric, who broke through the side with his high speed, and Yamada, who repeatedly made chances with sharp turns and breakthroughs, also showed good performance. Winning with all team’s force in a tight schedule will help the coming matches in the season. The next official match will be the league game "Osaka Derby" which will be held after a two days interval. They would like to finish the five consecutive official games, with the achievement of the "double" following Kawasaki Frontale.