J1 Section 20

2022.7.6 (Wed) 19:00

Kashima Soccer Stadium


Kashima Antlers
  • Arthur Caike (45+1'), Suzuki (52'), Everaldo (89')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Own Goal (35'), Kato (70'), Jean Patric (77')
1-1 2-2

Match review

  • Despite missing the almost consecutive win, a valuable draw at away stadium. Substitutes leave results one after another.


    Following the Kawasaki Frontale match in the previous section, this section was a high-ranking confrontation. Cerezo Osaka boarded the home of Kashima Antlers in 2nd place and challenged the Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 20. The starting lineup was changed for one player from the match against Kawasaki. Adam Taggart enter one corner of two FWs in place of Bruno Mendes. This section was the operation verification game of "gradual introduction of voice support". A chant was sent from supporters, who dyed a corner of the stand in pink, to the players heading to warming up. After the match, Jean Patric mentioned the cheering that he heard for the first time after his joining, “It gave the energy to all players. The supporters cheering give us the power.”

    At the beginning, Cerezo received the attacks from Kashima, but once they endured it without rushing, with the help of Koji Toriumi’s good save, they started to take possession from around the 15th minute and started to attack into the opposition half. In the 17th minute, Tokuma Suzuki, Riku Matsuda, and Hiroto Yamada connected the passes and Yamada shot from the dribble. In the 25th minute, Yamada, who received Matsuda's pass, turned and passed. Adam Taggart ran through the back and aimed for a chance. Then, in the 35th minute, Cerezo unexpectedly succeeded in scoring the opener. Hiroaki Okuno pressed against the opponent GK and invited a kick mistake, and Seiya Maikuma cut an opponent’s pass and fed a pass to Okuno, and Okuno made a vertical pass to Adam Taggart on the front line. Right after the uniform number 9 made a trap and turned to the front, the back pass of the opponent DF was sucked into the goal and became an own goal.

    They wanted to finish with a lead as it was in the first half, but they conceded a goal in the additional time. Kashima picked up FK's second ball and fed a cross, and Arthur Caike scored with his header.

    In the second half as well, they received Kashima’s attack at the beginning and conceded a second goal in the 52nd minute. Yuma Suzuki successfully held the cross from the side and scored. The air of the stadium got dyed in Kashima by “golazo” of Kashima's ace. After that, they had a pinch in a row in the 55th, 65th, and 68th minute, but with a good save by Kim Jin Hyeon and a hard cover by Riku Matsuda, they prevented the third goal. Then, they did not miss the chance that Kashima lost the defensive balance due to the substitution, and Cerezo’s players, who participated in the middle, started to counterattack.

    In the 70th minute, Okuno, who cut the opponent's clear at the center of the pitch, sent a direct through pass to the front line. Mutsuki Kato, who took the back of the CB, brought it in the penalty area and shot while losing his position because the opponent approached him. As he said "Since we conceded a goal from my mistake, I became more motivated to win with my goal. I pushed it in with my strong will," he screwed it into the goal and they caught up to the tie.

    In the 77th minute, Satoki Uejo, who received a clear pass from Matej Jonic, carried it dribbling and made a through pass to Jean Patric, who ran behind the opponent. Jean Patric pushed it with his toes and shook the net. Cerezo succeeded in reversing with two goals at a speed of light. To close the match from here, Manager Akio Kogiku put Ryuya Nishio into the right side back as the last substitution. They were ready to run away. Cerezo was advancing the hands of the clock without danger, but in the 89th minute, they conceded a goal in a moment. Matej Jonic lost to Yuma Suzuki against the long ball from the opponent's throw-in, and Nishio, who corresponded to the second ball, could not repel, and then Everaldo made a daring bicycle kick shot. Cerezo was caught up at the last minute, but they never gave up until the end. In the additional time in the second half, as Kamijo released a header that hit the crossbar, and Nakahara also aimed for a shot from the cut-in, they aimed for the fourth point hard, but the time was up unfortunately. The fierce battle, which both team scored one after another, ended with 3-3.

    It was a game that they wanted to win because they almost achieved the consecutive reversal win, following the match against Kawasaki. However, Okuno, who fought hard with the captain’s armband, positively looked back that “It was the individual player’s ability to have been able to reverse the score after being reversed. As a team, I think there will be even better competition in the future”. Taking the 1 winning point that they stole from the opponent of 2nd place as a plus, in the next section, Cerezo will challenge the big game against Yokohama F. Marinos of 1st place at home.