J1 Section 17

2022.6.18 (Sat) 19:00

Edion Stadium Hiroshima


Sanfrecce Hiroshima
  • Notsuda (78'), Douglas Vieira (85')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Bruno Mendes (54')
0-0 2-1

Match review

  • The last match of the first half of the league. Despite scoring the opener without being impatient, conceded two goals in the last minutes. The first reversal defeat in this season.


    This section was the first reopening of the J1 League and the last of the first half of the season. Cerezo Osaka boarded the home of Sanfrecce Hiroshima and challenged the Section 17 of the Meiji Yasuda J1 League. Cerezo had kept the good performance with three consecutive wins in the league match and six consecutive wins in the official match. Similarly, the high-ranking confrontation with Hiroshima, who had not lost five official games, was a big battle for predicting the future whereabouts.

    Three players were changed from the latest league match. Bruno Mendes was in the solo FW and Hirotaka Tameda was in the left side half, and Ryuya Nishio, who returned in this match, was selected as the left side back with the attention.

    As Manager Akio Kogiku looked back "In the first half, while analyzing the defense method of the opponent, I think we had many offensive time using the short and long pass properly with two or three players”, they approached the goal using properly the way to connect passes from back side and simply the way to take the back of the opponent. In the scene where Hiroshima took possession, they firmly filled the space behind and did not allow Hiroshima to attack at speed. The game progressed as see-saw state due to the high defensive awareness for both teams, but Cerezo made the first scoring chance in the 34th minute. They connected the passes directly from Kim Jin Hyeon to Nishio, Hiroshi Kiyotake, and Seiya Maikuma, and when Hiroaki Okuno came out to the space behind the opponents, Bruno Mendes, who received the cross of Okuno, shot from one trap. However, this was blocked by the GK.

    In the 40th minute, this time Shunki Higashi of Hiroshima shot a critical course, but Kim Jin Hyeon protected the goal with his good save. Cerezo was pushed in at the end of the first half, but finished the first half with a clean sheet.

    Cerezo was the first to make the scoring chance in the second half as well. In the 47th minute, when Riki Harakawa stole the ball at a high position, several players jumped into the cross of Tameda on the left side in front of the goal, and Maikuma matched it without a mark on the far side, but he was not able to catch the bounce well, and the shot unfortunately flew out of the frame. However, in the 54th minute, Harakawa cut the opponent's pass again, and Tameda made a sharp cross with his right foot via Kiyotake, and this time Bruno Mendes matched it on the near side and shook the net. Cerezo got excited about the long-awaited first goal in the see-saw development, but immediately after that, Hiroshima scored a goal. However, as a result of the VAR judgment, there was no goal for the offside. They felt relieved.

    From here, Cerezo received the onslaught of Hiroshima. Hiroshima carried the ball to the side and fed crosses, but Cerezo bounced them back firmly inside and did not let the opponents score with the good saves of GK Kim Jin Hyeon. In the 76th minute, Ryosuke Shindo was substituted in place of Hirotaka Tameda, and Manager Kogiku changed the system. They aimed to win with a plan to mark the opponents with 5 backs when defending.

    However, due to this change, although there were enough players on the back side, the press on the ball holder became loose, and in the 78th minute, Gakuto Notsuda, who received the ball without a mark, scored a middle shot to tie. Moreover in the 85th minute, Matej Jonic gave a PK and allowed the opponents to reverse the score. "I would like to reflect on this defeat and work to become stronger as a team," said Manager Kogiku after the match. Cerezo, who respected Hiroshima and fought well with a tactical aim, had a pitfall in the last minutes of the game. The high-ranking confrontation ended in a regrettable result, but after finishing the first half of the league, they are now ranked 6th. In the second half of the season, in order to aim for a higher ranking even one place, they will make the best preparations for every single game in front of them.