J.League YBC Levain Cup Playoff Stage 2nd Leg

2022.6.11 (Sat) 18:00

Lemon Gas Stadium Hiratsuka


Shonan Bellmare
  • Machino (83')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Jonjic (10'), Tameda (13'), Kiyotake (45+3'), Okuno (48')
0-3 1-1

Match review

  • “Win or lose” was decided with two goals at the beginning. Break through the playoff stage with a total of 5-1 in the two games.


    It was the J.League YBC Levain Cup playoff stage with Shonan Bellmare. Cerezo Osaka won the first match at home with 1-0, and challenged the second match at away. The starting lineup was changed by one player from the first game. Koji Toriumi, who scored the final point in the first round, was replaced, and Ryosuke Shindo entered the left CB.

    Since they could win the first round to Shonan without giving away goals, the situation was such that the breakthrough was decided even by a draw in the second round, but “We strongly shared that we would win and move on to the next stage.” (Manager Akio Kogiku) So the team did not enter the match with a defensive stance, but aggressively pressed from the start and boldly aimed for goals. In the 9th minute, Tameda stole the ball at a high position, connecting with Hiroshi Kiyotake, Bruno Mendes, and Seiya Maikuma, and finally Bruno Mendes shot. Although it was blocked by the GK, Cerezo succeeded in scoring the opener from the CK obtained here. Tameda competed for Riki Harakawa's kick, and Bruno Mendes shot. Matej Jonic kicked the ball that hit the DF and bounced off and scored.

    Then, they added another point in the 13th minute with keeping the momentum. This time Hiroaki Okuno stole the ball in the press, and Kiyotake quickly fed a pass to Bruno Mendes. Bruno Mendes, who turned to the front after passing the DF, sent an exquisite pass, and Tameda received it and scored calmly, looking carefully at the position of the GK.

    Cerezo showed the best entry, but an accident occurred in the 25th minute. Ryosuke Yamanaka, who ran to receive the ball and stretched his leg, hurt the base of his leg and was replaced. Suddenly, Kakeru Funaki entered the left SB. During this time, a scoring chance was made by Shonan at a time when there was one less player, but when the shot went out of the frame and got nothing, they scored the third point to decide the game in the last play of the first half. The shot that Shindo headed to Harakawa's FK was blocked by the GK, but Kiyotake pushed in the rebound.

    Shonan had changed the system from the middle of the first half and replaced three players from the beginning of the second half. However, it was Cerezo who took the initiative in the second half. Kiyotake pressed back and cut the pass, and Okuno stole the ball, directly carried dribbling and fed an exquisite pass to Kiyotake who ran to the space. From Kiyotake, who made the starting point on the right side, Maikuma and Riku Matsuda connected the pass, and Tameda headed to Matsuda's cross. This shot was blocked by the GK, but Okuno kicked the bounce and scored the fourth goal. Still, when the members from the bench said "Let's get the 5th point", they had a scoring chance in the 68th minute. Maikuma who came out to Kiyotake's through pass had a one-on-one with the GK, but the shot was slightly out of the frame.

    One point was returned in the 83rd minute, and they missed the victory with a clean sheet, but Cerezo continued to aggressively attack until the end with Mutsuki Kato, Jean Patric, Satoki Uejo, and Hiroto Yamada. They defeated Shonan with a total score of 5-1 in the two matches and decided to advance to the prime stage. Also, in this match, there was one scene in which Kiyotake and others put up a uniform with a uniform number of 14 after the opener. The entire team sent an ale saying "We want you to come back soon" (Kiyotake) to Yusuke Maruhashi, who "has a painful knee surgery and will leave the front for a long while" (Manager Kogiku).