J1 Section 16

2022.5.29 (Sun) 15:00

Lemon Gas Stadium Hiratsuka


Shonan Bellmare
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Taggart (18'), Kato (90+4')
0-1 0-1

Match review

  • A series of battles, heat, and the opponent with momentum. Overcame various conditions and achieved the first three consecutive wins this season.


    This section was the 5th of the 7 consecutive official games and the 3rd of the 3 consecutive league matches. Cerezo Osaka, who got into Shonan Bellmare's home, won 2-0 with the goals of Adam Taggart and Mutsuki Kato. They achieved their first three consecutive wins this season and have closed the difference in winning points from the top three teams to four.

    The starting lineup was the same as the previous section against Urawa Reds, except that Koji Toriumi entered the CB in place of the injured Ryuya Nishio. Cerezo, who challenged the game with the focus on the continuation, kept possession from the beginning and approached the goal with a light pass-work. In the 4th minute, Hiroshi Kiyotake fired the first shot of the game, and in the 6th minute Jean Patric had a scoring chance. He could not score here, but they succeeded in scoring the opener in the 18th minute. Seiya Maikuma stole the ball from the press between Kiyotake and him, and Kiyotake softly returned the pass to Maikuma with one touch, and it was Adam Taggart who matched Maikuma's accurate cross. Cerezo moved the game with Taggart’s second goal of the season following the "Osaka Derby".

    Cerezo continued to dominate the match even after scoring, as Jean Patric made a chance dribbling from the counterattack of opponent's CK in the 23rd minute. However, after the water break in the first half, Shonan increased the pressure from the front and attacked into Cerezo's own half for a while. Still, Kim Jin Hyeon blocked the middle shot in the 30th minute, and in the 34th minute the center was broken through, but the shot hit the post directly. Also just before the end of the first half, the goal was threatened directly by the FK but the shot hit the crossbar. Kim Jin Hyeon was also ready to block it but it was a chilling scene.

    In the second half, Cerezo proceeded the game with the initiative again and made a chance centred on Kiyotake. It was Matej Jonic who played an active part in the defensive. He bounced off the opponents’ crosses many times and did not let them break the goal. Especially after Wellington entered in the 71st minute, a powerful battle was unfolding, but he responded without taking a step back. As he said after the match, "About the countermeasures to the crosses and long ball, I was playing while reading the flow. I was ready to go to the challenge no matter where the ball came," he showed the overwhelming defense. In the last minutes, they gave a series of CKs, but including Bruno Mendes who played from the middle of the game, they firmly bounced off the opponents’ kicks, and GK Kim Jin Hyeon kept his concentration to prevent the goal. Then, in the 90th + 4th minute, the second point to decide the game was scored. Matej Jonic bounced off the opponent's GK’s kick with his header, and Hiroaki Okuno sent a pass to the space in front like clearing, and Hikaru Nakahara caught it with a quick speed. GK Kosei Tani entered the cover, but after Nakahara pressed, Mutsuki Kato, who picked up GK's kick from an inadequate position, shot at an unmanned goal and shook the net.

    The match ended 2-0 as it was. "It was a tough game in this series of battles, in this heat, but as a result of everyone’s fighting for one thought, it led to victory," said Manager Kogiku, who looked back on the game. With the atmosphere of the early summer and strong sunlight pouring into the pitch, the entire team, including the substitute players, fought to the end and achieved their first three consecutive victories this season. In addition, this victory was the 300th J1 victory for the club. About the milestone victory, "We could come to this point by accumulating each and every single Cerezo's alumni, active players, officials, staff, and the Cerezo family. From now on, Cerezo will continue to make history and in order to accumulate one by one to the 400th and the 500th victory, I would like to work on it."said Manager Kogiku. They have time for a while until the next league match. They will challenge the next battle, the second round of the Emperor's Cup, after a two days interval from this section.