J1 Section 13

2022.5.14 (Sat) 14:00

Toyota Stadium


Nagoya Grampus
  • Sento (6')
Cerezo OSAKA
1-0 0-0

Match review

  • Despite their onslaught in the second half, they were not able to achieve the first consecutive wins in this season due to the heavy conceding in the 6th minute.


    Following the first victory of the league home game, the previous match against Jubilo Iwata, they aimed for the first consecutive win of the season in this section. Cerezo Osaka challenged the away match against Nagoya Grampus, and changed the starting lineup for two players from the Iwata game. Hiroto Yamada was the only FW and Tokuma Suzuki was the first starter in the league.

    As the players all voiced after the match, the “entry” was not bad. In the 4th minute, Jean Patric, whose birthday was this match day, broke through the left side and invited his opponent's yellow card. However, in the 6th minute, they conceded a goal from the opponent's throw-in. Just after the FK, while they were still in an attacking position, the momentary gap was found, and Mateus turned to the front and received a through pass, and Keiya Sento took the back and scored from one-on-one with the GK. However, they still had plenty of time. Cerezo, who wanted to rebuild, connected the passes and made chances centering on Hiroshi Kiyotake, who was in the attacking MF, as in the previous section. In the 29th minute, Kiyotake was the starting point for breaking the left side and launching a thick attack, and finally Kiyotake shot from Ryosuke Yamanaka's pass. It was almost a scoring chance, but the shot was blocked by GK. After conceding a goal, they did not give another chance to Nagoya, but they also had only one chance to shoot and the first half ended.

    In the second half, Manager Akio Kogiku replaced Yamada and Suzuki with Adam Taggart and Sota Kitano. They started with an aggressive position that Kiyotake became an anchor. Then, a big chance came in the 47th minute. Kitano, who received Kim Jin Hyeon’s sharp pass, turned to the front and fed a through pass. Jean Patric, who came out running on the left side, carried it vertically and raised the cross. It was almost a goal if Adam Taggart matched in the middle, but just before the shot, the trajectory changed due to being touched by the GK Langerak, and he could not hit the shot. They unfortunately missed a chance.

    In the 50th minute, Adam Taggart dropped Hiroaki Okuno's pass and Seiya Maikuma shot. They made good form, but the shot was slightly out of the box. After that, Cerezo continued to fight back as Adam Taggart came out to Kiyotake's pass and made a shot. In the second half, the number of back players was small in the defense, and there was a scene where Matej Jonic and Ryuya Nishio defended with the same number as Nagoya’s attacking players but they did not allow additional points. At the end of the game, Hikaru Nakahara and Satoki Uejo were also substituted, and in the 78th minute Satoki Uejo and in the 88th minute Nakahara brought it to the shot, but they were not able to score.

    In the second half, as Manager Kogiku said "We changed the placement of players, standing position, system, etc., and aimed at breaking the opponent’s five backs into two and three, and carrying the ball to a critical area. The players firmly did these works well”, Cerezo continued to attack with the possession, but could not break Nagoya's solid defense. The goal in the 6th minute of the start heavily overwhelmed them, and they lost the match 0-1. Although they could not achieve the first consecutive win of the season, the "Osaka Derby" at home is coming up next week after the match against Oita Trinita in the Levain Cup. They raise their faces up and challenge “the winning match” with all might as one team again.