J1 Section 12

2022.5.6 (Fri) 19:00

Yodoko Sakura Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Maikuma (32', 40')
Jubilo Iwata
  • Fabian Gonzalez (79')
2-0 0-1

Match review

  • With two goals including Seiya Maikuma's first J1 goal, the first victory of the league home game. They endured hard in the last minutes under the numerical disadvantage.


    This section was held in the tight schedule of the third games of three consecutive games and after a two days interval. Cerezo Osaka welcomed Jubilo Iwata to their home and challenged the Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 12. The starting lineup was changed from the previous section against Sagan Tosu for three players. Jean Patric was the first starter in the league, Bruno Mendes was the first in seven games, and Ryosuke Yamanaka returned to the left side back.

    It was Cerezo who took the initiative from the beginning. They connected the passes in the middle range with a good sense of distance, and made chances using the back of the opponents and width. Especially Hiroshi Kiyotake showed the striking plays. He received the ball well between DFs of Iwata, who took the [5-4-1] system in defending, and made the game flow with the passes freely. In the 23rd minute, he stole the ball at a high position and made a middle shot by himself. It was blocked by the GK, but it was a play that conveyed a dynamism. They also had a scoring chance in the 27th minute. From the vertical pass of Matej Jonic as the starting point, they broke the right side through some players, and Riki Harakawa, who passed through Seiya Maikuma's cross, directly came forward, received Kiyotake's pass and shot. Unfortunately it was blocked by a DF. However, five minutes later, they succeeded in scoring the opener. Riku Matsuda, who picked up the loose ball from CK, passed to Kiyotake, and Kiyotake fed a cross. Matej Jonic reacted to it with his head, and Ryuya Nishio turned back with an exquisite pass, and Maikuma pushed it in with his header on the other side and shook the net.

    Cerezo, who continued the offensive, added points in the 40th minute. Bruno Mendes, who came out to Hiroaki Okuno's pass, shook off the DF and sent a cross. Jean Patric made a through, and Kiyotake, who received it on the far side, sent a sharp and fast pass to the center, and Maikuma matched it again and poured it into the goal. He splendidly responded to playing as a starter following the previous section with the result. Cerezo in this match quickly switched from offensive to defensive. In the first half, with 63% of the possession rate, they limited Iwata’s shot to two and finished.

    From the start of the second half, Iwata changed two players. Fabian Gonzalez, who scored a goal in the previous section against Kashima Antlers, was also in, and the system was changed to [4-4-2]. Against Iwata, who had been increasing the pressure from the front, Cerezo, with two points lead, also had a time to be defensive, but kept the good tempo of the passing-work in the second half as well and was taking the initiative. With Hikaru Nakahara in the 65th minute and Hiroto Yamada in the 68th minute, there were chances for the players who entered for the substitution. However, while they were struggling to score the third point, the happening that changed the game flow occurred in the 74th minute. Hirotaka Tameda received a red card due to showing the sole of his foot after trying to steal the ball from the opponent. Cerezo, who was at a numerical disadvantage, tried to run away with [4-4-1], but in the 79th minute Fabian Gonzalez returned one point.

    Even so, while they were enduring without conceding any goals, another accident happened in the 88th minute. When catching a highball, Kim Jin Hyeon competed with an opponent and fell spinning. He hit his shoulders and head violently and was unable to continue playing due to a concussion. Keisuke Shimizu suddenly entered the pitch. At the end, it was a fierce battle over 100 minutes, but Cerezo who kept the difference of 1 point won 2-1. Cerezo won the league home game for the first time this season in a match with 13,479 people, the most in this season and the largest number in Yodoko Sakura Stadium.