J1 Section 11

2022.5.3 (Tue) 15:00

Ekimae Real Estate Stadium


Sagan Tosu
  • Fujita (83')
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Bruno Mendes (73')
0-0 1-1

Match review

  • Despite scoring the opener of Bruno Mendes under the tenacious play, they were caught up, and the draw.


    After a three days interval from the previous section against Kashima Antlers. Cerezo Osaka, who got into the away stadium and faced a battle with Sagan Tosu, changed the starting lineup for two players from the previous match. Seiya Maikuma was the first starter in the league game after his joining, and Yusuke Maruhashi entered the left side back. It was the 334th J1 games in this section for GK Kim Jin Hyeon and he achieved the highest number of appearances in J1 history as a foreign player.

    At the beginning, Cerezo became defensive against Tosu who made pressure from the high position for both offense and defense. Still, they covered it sliding and kicked back centering on Matej Jonic in the center area. In a pinch from CK, they avoided conceding a goal with Maruhashi’s clearing and Kim Jin Hyeon’s save. Taking advantage of the reflection of the previous section that made the game difficult due to the goal in the early stages, the defense team responded to it persistently. They managed to get through this hard time without giving any points. Cerezo continued to endure, but when they regained their calmness after about 15 minutes, they removed the opponent's press and entered the vacant space. Hiroshi Kiyotake became the starting point, and Hiroto Yamada aimed to take the back of the opponents, and two FWs of Mutsuki Kato and Yamada made a scene to bring it to the shot. In the 39th minute, Kato, who cut the back pass to the GK, shot to an unmanned goal, but it was slightly out of the frame.

    It was the first half that they gradually regained the pace, but Tosu took the initiative again at the beginning of the second half. However, even here, the defensive team endured without being broken and allowing any goals. From here, both teams actively changed players to move the game, and it was Cerezo who took the long-awaited first goal. In the 71st minute, from Kim Jin Hyeon’s goal kick, Bruno Mendes competed and won against the DF, and Jean Patric entered the empty space on the left side. He sharply dribbled vertically, and Bruno Mendes, who ran into the negative return pass, made a shot. This invited the opponent's DF's hand and got a PK. Bruno Mendes scored by himself and it was the first goal in three league games as a team.

    Cerezo had improved the play even more by taking the lead. In the 80th minute, Riku Matsuda, Hikaru Nakahara, Adam Taggart, Bruno Mendes and Jean Patric carried the ball with a flowing pass and finally Jean Patric shot. They boldly went for the second point. However, in the 83rd minute, Naoyuki Fujita, who had been playing in Cerezo until last season, scored a dynamic middle shot and Tosu caught up to the tie. From here, the game heated up all at once. While both teams made scoring chances, in the 88th minute, Jean Patric got a chance from the pass of Matsuda, who entered the deep area on the right side. Furthermore, in the last play of the additional time in the second half, the scoring chance came from CK to Adam Taggart, but they were not able to shake the goal net in either case, and the game ended 1-1.

    They could not get the 3 winning points that they wanted in order to go to the top ranks, but the defense regained stability from the previous section that they conceded three goals, and they scored the goal for the first time in 3 league games in the offensive. Taking advantage of the good flow that was born in the offense and defense, they aim to win the next section against Jubilo Iwata that will be held at home as the "Friday Night J.League", after a two days interval.