J1 Section 10

2022.4.29 (Fri) 16:00

Yodoko Sakura Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
Kashima Antlers
  • Suzuki (6'), Matsumura (14'), Arthur Caike (90+1')
0-2 0-1

Match review

  • Despite exceeding the number of shots and possession rate, lost the game due to a lack of decisive kick. They could not get the victory to pursue the upper rank.


    The Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 10 against Kashima Antlers, that was the last game of April and the first of three consecutive league matches. Cerezo Osaka changed two starting line-ups from the previous section. Hiroshi Kiyotake was the starter for the first time in the league game after returning from injury, and Ryosuke Yamanaka was another for the first time in two games. To be sure to win, they faced the biggest battle with Kashima, who was in 2nd place.

    In the 3rd minute, Cerezo was the first to seize the opportunity. Mutsuki Kato received a pass from GK Kim Jin Hyeon, and Hiroto Yamada came out running to Kiyotake’s pass. However, the ball turned back inside was cleared by the opponent before it met Kato. Right after missing this opportunity, they conceded a goal. Kashima picked up the loose ball after competing for the goal kick and made a shot. Kim Jin Hyeon repelled it but Yuma Suzuki squeezed it into the goal. Still, Cerezo boldly set up a chance. In the 8th minute, Yamada made a starting point at a deep position on the left side, and Riki Harakawa made a middle shot via Hikaru Nakahara. In the 11th minute, Nakahara cut in, forming one-two with Yamada on the right side, and shot. Both were blocked by the GK, but the aggressiveness that was the theme of this section was shown everywhere. However, they conceded another goal in the 14th minute. The pass from their own half was cut by Kashima, and the starting point was made on the right side, and Yuta Matsumura, who jumped into Suzuki's cross from the opposite side, scored.

    It became a difficult development with two lost points in an early stage, but they counterattacked without looking down. In the 18th minute they made the chance scene that, to the cross of Riku Matsuda, Kato jumped into it on the near side and Yamada did on the far side. Also in the 20th minute, Kato matched well with the cross from Yamanaka, but the shot flew slightly out of the frame. In the second half of chasing two points, Manager Akio Kogiku replaced Kiyotake with Jean Patrici from the start. Then, as soon as the start, Jean Patric made use of his speed to break through vertically and threaten the opponent's goal. In the 53rd minute, Seiya Maikuma, who started to play for the substitution just before, reacted to the loose ball of FK and shot. Unfortunately it hit the post. In the 61st minute, Yamada made the starting point and Harakawa expanded to the left side. Yamanaka turned around and sent a pass with his right foot, but it did not match the inside and did not reach the goal.

    In the second half, Cerezo strengthened the offensive more than in the first half, and Bruno Mendes and Adam Taggart who took turns approached the goal with sharp movements, but they could not break Kashima's defense. Then, in the additional time in the second half, Arthur Caike, who participated from the middle, scored and it was the third goal for Kashima. Kashima was able to score efficiently, and when it was over, they lost the game with a big difference of 0-3. They could not take 3 winning points to close the gap with the top ranked teams, but the attacks that pushed the opponents will lead to the future. The next game will be an away against Sagan Tosu after a three days interval. They firmly recover from the tiredness, and prepare for scoring, and for obtaining three winning points.