J1 Section 9

2022.4.17 (Sun) 17:00

Best Denki Stadium


Avispa Fukuoka
Cerezo OSAKA
0-0 0-0

Match review

  • Despite no score without breaking Fukuoka’s solid defense, no lost point with defensiveness using entire body. Fought through an intense battle for 100 minutes.


    Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 9 that they got into the away stadium aiming for the first consecutive victory of this season. Cerezo Osaka made chances against Avispa Fukuoka in both the first half and the second half, but one point was far and it was a scoreless draw. After 100 minutes of intense battle, including 10 minutes of additional time in the second half, they shared one winning point. The starting lineup was one person changed from the previous section against Vissel Kobe. Yusuke Maruhashi entered the left side back in place of Ryosuke Yamanaka, who got injured in the match with Kobe. In the first half, it was Cerezo who took initiative. In the 6th minute, Mutsuki Kato, who took the back of the opponent from Hirotaka Tameda's pass, dribbled and brought it to almost one-on-one with the GK, but the shot was blocked. Matej Jonic and Ryuya Nishio respond well to Fukuoka's two tall FWs, Juanma Delgado and Lukian. Cerezo firmly picked up the second ball of long feed and increased the possession rate.

    In the 25th minute, they made an attacking chance on the left side and developed to the other side. From the form that they shook from side to side, Tameda headed to Hikaru Nakahara's cross at the end, but slightly it went over the crossbar. Even after that, Cerezo properly used the scene to connect the passes for built-up and the attack simply to aim for the back of the opponents, and entered the penalty area of Fukuoka. They slowly advanced the ball forward and aimed for a chance, but did not reach to finish it.

    In the second half, there were more scenes in front of both goals than in the first half. In the 54th minute, the shot by Lukian, who received the ball just behind Juanma Delgado who competed, made them get afraid for a second, but there was nothing because it was slightly out of the frame. However, immediately after that, an accident occurred for Cerezo. Hiroaki Okuno received a foul from the opponent and smashed his left knee to the ground. He could not continue playing, and Hiroshi Kiyotake entered the pitch in the 60th minute. It was not a double anchor, but Riki Harakawa was more like an anchor and Kiyotake was more like an attacking midfielder to make chances by touching the ball forward.

    In the 67th minute, Jean Patric and Sota Kitano also joined, adding speed and driving force to the attack. Around the 70th minute, some scoring chances were made by Fukuoka in quick succession, but Cerezo avoided conceding any goals with Maruhashi's good covering, and then they regained their flow from here to the end. In the 85th minute, Kitano made a chance coming out from the counter, and in the 89th minute, Kitano headed to the cross of Riku Matsuda and approached the goal. In the 90 + 8th minute, Bruno Mendes reacted to Kiyotake’s cross and brought it to the decisive form, but his header struck the front of the GK.

    This section became a "tough game" (Manager Akio Kogiku) in which players from both teams collided violently, such as crouching down on the pitch many times. Since Cerezo approached the goal by making use of various moves such as quick and slow attack against Fukuoka of the solid defense, they “Wanted to score one point and win” (Manager Kogiku), but one point was far until the end. Even so, they achieved a clean sheet for two consecutive league matches. Hard work and mentality that fought to the end without losing concentration will lead to future battles.