J.League YBC Levain Cup Group Stage MD4

2022.4.13 (Wed) 19:00

Yodoko Sakura Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Kitano (74')
Kashima Antlers
  • Arthur Caike (32'), Ueda (53'), Bueno (87')
0-1 1-2

Match review

  • Despite 1 goal by Sota Kitano, lost with 3 goals. Carried over the breakthrough of the group stage to the next section, Osaka Derby.


    After a two days interval from Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 8 against Vissel Kobe, Cerezo Osaka challenged the J.League YBC Levain Cup Group Stage Section 4 with Kashima Antlers at home. The starting lineup was completely replaced from the match against Kobe. Jean Patric was the starter for the first time after his joining, and Yusuke Maruhashi made his first appearance in seven official games, and also for the bench, Dang Van Lam, Tatsuya Yamashita and Adam Taggart entered for the first time this season.

    In the 4th minute, Sota Kitano, who was a starter as the right side wing of MF of [4-4-2] system, threw the first shot, and Bruno Mendes in the 11th minute, Satoki Uejo in the 13th minute, and Jean Patric who broke through the left side in the 21st minute brought to the finish in quick succession. Cerezo entered the match while taking the initiative, but unexpectedly conceded a goal. In the 30th minute, when Kakeru Funaki made a mistake in handling the bounce to the Kashima's long ball, Ryosuke Shindo, who entered the cover, fouled involuntarily against Ayase Ueda who accelerated with the ball, and gave a PK. Arthur Caike scored, and they allowed Kashima to take the lead. Still, Cerezo counterattacked without disappointment, and in the 35th minute Jean Patric, who came out running from the counter, almost made a scoring chance, and in the 45th minute Kitano dribbled from one-two with Kamijo and boldly made a shot. The first half was not bad, but finished with a one-point behind.

    In the second half as well, it was Kitano who made the first shot for both teams. However, in the 53rd minute, Kashima scored the second goal. As with the first goal, the starting point was Kashima's long ball. When Kosei Okazawa competed and lost to Arthur Caike in the middle range, Ueda took the back from the pass of Arthur Caike and shook the net. Okazawa played well in the offense and defense in the first half, but in this scene he lost to Kashima's strength. Cerezo had to fight back and so, in the 63rd minute, Hiroshi Kiyotake and Haruki Arai entered the pitch. In the 73rd minute, Jean Patric was replaced by Hiroaki Okuno, and the system was changed to [4-2-3-1], and then they returned 1 point in the 74th minute. Kiyotake, Okuno, Suzuki, and Kamijo connected the pass with one touch and broke the center, and Kitano who received the heel pass from Kamijo finally scored a direct shot. Kitano scored his first professional goal in an away match against Kashima, but even at home he scored from Kashima.

    From here, Cerezo started to push in. In the 77th minute, Arai fired a shot from the cut-in, and in the 79th minute, Arai received a Kiyotake’s pass and had a great chance. He chose to feed a return pass to the center instead of shooting, but it was cleared before reaching Adam Taggart, who was waiting in the center, and it did not become a tie goal. Then, in the 87th minute, Kashima scored a third goal from CK, and there was nothing to do more. In the additional time in the second half, Seiya Maikuma had a scoring chance, but his header unfortunately flew over the crossbar. The number of shots was 13 to 13, and the number of chances was almost the same, but Cerezo gave in to Kashima's matchmaking skill. They decide the breakthrough of the group stage in the next section, Osaka Derby.