J1 Section 8

2022.4.10 (Sun) 14:00

Noevir Stadium Kobe


Vissel Kobe
Cerezo OSAKA
  • Kato (27')
0-1 0-0

Match review

  • Mutsuki Kato's first goal of the league match in this season was the final point. Won the confrontation with the former manager with 1-0.


    After a four days interval from the previous match against Kashiwa Reysol. Cerezo Osaka got into the home of Vissel Kobe and challenged the Section 8 of the Meiji Yasuda J1 League.

    Like the trick of fortune, it was the first match that Lotina took command of Kobe. Under the clear blue sky, the players, supported by the supporters in bright pink who filled the visitor's seats, attacked vigorously from the beginning. In the 2nd minute, Hiroto Yamada had a scoring chance from a throw-in in the deep opposition half, and in the 12th minute Riki Harakawa's sharp CK headed for the goal.

    Cerezo boldly pressed from the start and collected the second ball, made an advantage mainly on the left side and attacked. Then, from the left foot of Ryosuke Yamanaka, who had fed sharp crosses from the beginning, the opener got born. In the 27th minute, Yamanaka, who received a pass from Ryuya Nishio, raised the cross as he aimed, and Mutsuki Kato reacted to it with his header on the far side and shook the net. For Kato, happily this was his first goal of the season in a league match. The team's sense of unity was further strengthened by the goal of the conscience of the number 20 who had not scored in the league match while continuing to play devotedly.

    In the second half with a lead, “On top of the consecutive games and the hotness,
    I supposed that Kobe would aggressively move forward with more players” (Manager Akio Kogiku), and so Cerezo lowered the defensive press position, “intentionally stepped back and lured thoroughly aiming for the counterattack”(Manager Kogiku). They let Kobe take possession, but tightly closed the center area, and did not allow Kobe to make a scoring chance. In the only scene that the side was almost broken through in the 70th minute, Riku Matsuda returned hard and covered it. In addition, Hiroaki Okuno and Harakawa filled the space, and Matej Jonic and Nishio bounced back inside.

    In the second half, the attack was mainly the counterattack. Jean Patric, who participated in the middle, made a chance from the side. And in the 75th minute, they connected the ball through Bruno Mendes and Hikaru Nakahara, and finally Sota Kitano got a chance, but his shot was blocked by the DF.

    In the 80th minute, Hiroshi Kiyotake, who returned from injury, also entered the pitch and advanced the hands of the clock.
    In the second half of the additional time, there was a pinch scene where they received the shot hitting the crossbar directly, but Cerezo defended Kato’s one point that was taken in the first half and got three points in away.

    Kogiku, who won by using two ways of fighting in front of his former manager, Lotina, said, "It was a fierce battle. The crystals that everyone sacrificed themselves to win and worked hard led to today's clean sheet.” He looked back on the match with a fulfilling face. Before the match, both Manager Kogiku and Okuno said, "It is important to play by looking at the situation of the match and the opponent in addition to our way to fight with momentum." They won the “ Kansai Confrontation” with the game development exactly to embody their words.