J1 Section 7

2022.4.5 (Tue) 19:00

Yodoko Sakura Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
Kashiwa Reysol
  • Hosoya (25')
0-1 0-0

Match review

  • Defeated in the high-ranking confrontation with Kashiwa Reysol. The conceded goal in the first half was heavy, and Cerezo did not achieve the first consecutive win of this season.


    After a two days interval from the previous match, Cerezo Osaka received Kashiwa Reysol at home and faced the Section 7 of Meiji Yasuda J1 league. The starting lineup was the same 11 players as in the previous section. They challenged in the form of continuing the flow that won against the champion Kawasaki Frontale.

    In the 3rd minute from the start, Cerezo had a pinch from FK, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon covered it. DFs also endured clearing hard, and then the press from the front line was effective and they began to take the initiative, as if to keep the momentum of the previous section. In the 9th minute, Mutsuki Kato made a shot from the short counter, and in the 22nd minute, Hiroto Yamada, who came out to Riku Matsuda's pass, brought it to the shot having the DF on his back, but unfortunately it was blocked without scoring. It was almost the pace of Cerezo but there was a pitfall in the 25th minute. When Takashi Inui, who had a chance on the left side, was struggling to finish the shot, the ball was stolen and then they received a long counterattack from Kashiwa. They were not able to catch Matheus Savio, who was running up the right side, and allowed him to run dribbling alone, and then the covering of Ryuya Nishio and Matej Jonic could not reach in time, and Mao Hosoya, who ran from the other side, scored. Cerezo was wary of the counterattack of Kashiwa. It was a goal that they wanted to prevent because there were enough players to cover it.

    Cerezo needed to chase one point, but they attacked without rushing, and Kato broke through on the right side in the 34th minute. Inui made a shot in the center from the pass of Hiroaki Okuno, but it was blocked by GK. In the 42nd minute, Inui flicked Matsuda's diagonal pass and Okuno shot. It flew to a critical course, but slightly went out of the frame. Kashiwa had another scoring chance in the additional time in the first half, but GK Kim Jin Hyeon made a big save and did not allow any additional points.

    In the second half, Sota Kitano entered the pitch on behalf of Kato. In the 51st minute, Kitano, who came out to Ryosuke Yamanaka's pass, took the back of the DF and fed the return pass to the center, and Yamada turned around and shot from the trap. Brilliantly the shot stabbed into the net, but it was no goal due to the offside by Kitano. In the 62nd minute, Jean Patric was thrown in instead of Inui, and in the 64th minute, Jean Patric, who took the back of the left side from Yamanaka's pass, broke through to the deep position and crossed. Kitano was waiting inside, and it was a decisive form, but it was cleared by Kashiwa's DF who returned hard. It did not become the tie goal. At the end of the game, Cerezo started to get tired. They received the sharp counterattack and let Kashiwa make some scoring chances, but they managed to avoid conceding the second goal, as DFs blocked using their body. At the end, Cerezo continued to attack by changing both side backs and increasing the pressure from the side, but Kashiwa's defense could not be broken and the game ended. They were not able to achieve the first consecutive win of this season, and the first home victory in the league match was carried over from the next time onwards.