J1 Section 5

2022.3.19 (Sat) 16:00

Yodoko Sakura Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Yamada (25'), Bruno Mendes (62')
Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo
  • Okamura (30'), Kaneko (76')
1-1 1-1

Match review

  • This season’s first victory at home has been carried over to the next game, but Hiroto Yamada and Bruno Mendes scored this season’s first goal.


    It was the Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 5 with Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo at home. Cerezo Osaka changed three starting members from the previous section against Shimizu S-Pulse. Bruno Mendes and Ryosuke Shindo, for the first time in four games since the first section, and Takashi Inui, for the first time in three games since the second section, returned to the starters.

    Cerezo was the first to have a scoring chance in the match that started in the light rain. In the 12th minute, Bruno Mendes, who came out to Shindo's long pass, brought it to a one-on-one with the GK, but the shot was blocked by the GK. In the pinch in the 17th minute, Kim Jin Hyeon defended a goal using his entire body. Then, in the 25th minute, Cerezo succeeded in scoring the opener. Riki Harakawa stole the build-up ball from the opponent GK at a high position, and Takashi Inui made a momentary gap and passed to Hiroto Yamada. Yamada, who took the back of the opponents, trapped well, turned to the front and powerfully scored on the top of the goal. This score was Yamada's first goal in J1 as a Cerezo player. After scoring, he ran to Manager Akio Kogiku on the bench and hugged him. However, five minutes later, Sapporo scored from the CK and caught up to the tie, and the first half ended.

    The second half started with 1-1. Despite the onslaught of Sapporo from the start, Cerezo endured this defensive time and succeeded in scoring the additional point in the 62nd minute. Bruno Mendes pressed against the opponent's back-pass, invited the opponent's DF to make a kicking mistake, hit the clear on his foot and pushed it into the goal. Two FWs scored without missing small chances, and then in the 67th minute, Bruno Mendes and Inui were replaced. Both players, who had adjusted for this section, left the pitch with goals, assists and results. From here, Satoki Uejo and Sota Kitano, who were in for the substitution, activated the team. They aimed for the third goal to make doubly sure of the win, but in the 76th minute, when the ball was stolen in the middle range, Sapporo quickly attacked back and scored a goal. The game went back to the beginning.

    Even so, Cerezo attacked Sapporo to the end without looking down, and in the 85th minute, Kitano who boldly pressed the GK received a foul and got an FK in a perfect position. Harakawa made a sharp kick aimed at the corner of the net, but it was blocked by the GK’s good defense. Even in the additional time in the second half, Kitano were tenaciously looking forward and threw a long shot, but it was out of the frame. The match ended 2-2 as it was. They could not achieve the consecutive wins of league match and the first home win of the season in the official match. They suffered from Sapporo’s soccer, high-strength defense and widespread attack, but they wanted to win, because the press from the front line and switching from defensive to offensive worked well, and so they took a lead twice. What Yamada and Bruno Mendes, who were late due to injury and bad physical condition, scored a goal became a positive element for the future.