J1 Section 3

2022.3.6 (Sun) 16:00

Yodoko Sakura Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Konno (23')
0-1 0-1

Match review

  • Despite an onslaught in the second half, lost the game due to not being able to turn over the conceded score in the first half. Carried over the first victory of the league match in this season.


    After a three days interval from J.League YBC Levain Cup. Cerezo Osaka welcomed FC Tokyo to their home and challenged the Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 3. Sota Kitano, who had just scored his first professional goal, was the first starter in the J1 league while they changed six starters from the Cup game. In the club's history, he made the youngest record for the first starter in the J1 league.

    The match started with expectations, but FC Tokyo took possession and took the initiative from the beginning, they had a pinch from CK in the 2nd minute. Also after Adaílton hit a series of sharp shots in the 15th and 18th minutes, they conceded a goal in the 23rd minute. The ball was stolen on the right side, and it was Kazuya Konno who received a cross from Adailton’s breakthrough on the other side and scored. After that, their building-up ball was stolen in their own half, and Cerezo was in a continuous pinch. Even so, they endured not to give the opponents the second goal with the good saves by Kim Jin Hyeon, and in the 40th minute just before the end, Cerezo stole the ball at a high position and got a scoring chance. From Mutsuki Kato's ball steal, the pass was connected to Kitano and Kato, and finally Hiroaki Okuno headed to Yusuke Maruhashi's cross, but it was blocked by the good save of GK Jakub Slowik.

    From the start of the second half, Manager Akio Kogiku replaced Maruhashi and Kato with Ryosuke Yamanaka and Satoki Uejo. He also changed the system to [4-2-3-1] with Hiroshi Kiyotake on the offensive MF and Kitano on the left side. In the 47th minute, Hikaru Nakahara dropped the pass of Riki Harakawa, and Uejo shot. In the 52nd minute, they broke the right side, Riku Matsuda crossed, and again Uejo headed. They threatened FC Tokyo’s goal. In the second half, Cerezo retrieved the initiative, and in the 61st minute, Takuya Aoki, who pushed down Kitano who came out to Yamanaka's pass, left the pitch with the second warning of this game. Cerezo, who now had a numerical advantage, continued to attack from here. In the 64th minute, Tokuma Suzuki and Haruki Arai entered, and in the 66th minute, Arai immediately fascinated the spectators. He dribbled from the left side to the inside and brought it to the shot from one-two with Nakahara. In the 78th minute, Yamanaka made a strong ballistic shot directly at a FK, but it was blocked by the GK. In the 84th minute, Kiyotake broke the left side and made a decisive shot, which also met GK's good save. In the 89th minute, they broke the right side and Arai got a scoring chance from Suzuki’s return pass, but his shot was not able to catch the frame.

    From the first half of the inferiority to the second half, "they were able to attack back while changing the standing position, inducing the opponent to leave, and creating a lot of chances" (Manager Kogiku), but the game ended with no score for Cerezo due to lacking the quality of the last cross, last pass, and shoot. FC Tokyo defended the score till the end with 10 players and Cerezo lost 0-1. With this, they have not won the opening three games of the league. In the next section, in the away match against Shimizu S-Pulse, they aim for the first victory in the league match this season.