J1 Section 2

2022.2.26 (Sat) 14:00

Yodoko Sakura Stadium


Cerezo OSAKA
  • Inui (48')
Kyoto Sanga F.C.
  • Taketomi (34')
0-1 1-0

Match review

  • Home opening game. Proceeded the game with the advantage, and the first goal of this season for No. 8, Takashi Inui, was made, but the regrettable draw.


    Meiji Yasuda J1 League Section 2 was the opening game of this season at home for Cerezo Osaka. Under the clear blue sky, they welcomed Kyoto Sanga F.C. at Yodoko Sakura Stadium. The 11 starters who entered the pitch on the escort of comedian Seiya (Shimofuri Myojo) had changed by two players from the opening game. Hikaru Nakahara was the first starter in the J1 league match, and Koji Toriumi entered the CB position.

    The point of this section was how to go through the press of Kyoto and carry the ball forward. As Riki Harakawa said before the match, "If everyone is not afraid of the opponent’s press and continues to receive the ball, I think that the opponent will hate it," Cerezo took possession from the beginning and attacked entering the opposite half. Takashi Inui and Hiroshi Kiyotake took good positions beside and behind the three MFs of Kyoto and made chances, and then Mutsuki Kato in the 11th minute and Hikaru Nakahara in the 18th minute had a scoring chance, but the shots were blocked by GK Naoto Kamifukumoto. After that, Cerezo also took a good standing position, broke through the opponent's press, connected the pass and carried the ball forward with minimum touches. In the 30th minute, they broke the left side connecting from Kim Jin Hyeon, and Kato jumped into Yusuke Maruhashi's cross, but he did not match for a step. Cerezo, who quickly switched from offensive to defensive, took the initiative in the match, but in the 34th minute there was a momentary pitfall. Kyoto took advantage of one chance from CK, and they allowed the opponents to score the the opener.

    Even so, Cerezo broke the right side and made scoring chances in quick succession before the end of first half, and entered the second half with the momentum. Then in the 48th minute they caught up to the tie. When Kato picked up the loose ball of the opponent's pass-mistake and fed it to Kiyotake, Kiyotake made an exquisite pass to Inui who ran diagonally from the left side. Inui stretched his right leg and made a shot, screwing it into the right corner of the goal. From here, the game became an open development and the number of scenes to aim for a goal from the flow began to increase for each other. In the 57th minute, Cerezo substituted Bruno Mendes and Sota Kitano at the same time. At first, Kitano entered the right side, but after a while he changed his position with Kiyotake. He entered the one corner of two FWs, and in the 73rd minute, picked up the loose ball that Bruno Mendes competed for, turned around and shot. Unfortunately it went above the crossbar, but he made a chance. In the 83rd minute, Kiyotake cut in from the right side to the center. He made a shot aimed at the course with his left foot, but it was covered by the GK. Also in the 89th minute, Bruno Mendes reacted to Riku Matsuda's cross with a volley, but this was also blocked by the GK.

    One point to win, that seemed to take, was far. Just before the end of the match, Kitano, who cut the opponent's FK, directly carried it by dribbling, shook off the two DFs and brought it one-on-one with the GK, but the shot was blocked by GK Kamifukumoto with his right foot and did not finish. Cerezo greatly exceeded the number of shots and the number of scoring chances, but the match ended with a tie. The "Kansai Derby" with Kyoto, which was the opening game at home, ended up sharing one winning point.